Wooden Spoon Wonder Wax

Wooden Spoon Wonder Wax: This isn’t an actual wax, but it works like one and I liked the alliteration. Woodenware is the perfect complement to a modern organic home—functional, beautiful, heirloom, and often made by hand (the best pieces always are, of course). To keep your beautiful wooden pieces in tip-top shape, follow these tips. They work for every wooden utensil in your kitchen, be it your cutting boards, rolling pin, or the good old-fashioned wooden spoon. I have a whole container on the counter dedicated to just my wooden implements, so preventing them from cracking or splintering is key. It reasons that I also keep a jar of this beautiful wooden spoon wonder balm handy. This also makes a great gift; why not make several jars while you’re at it?

• 1 ounce organic beeswax pastilles or, if a block, cut into pieces
• 4 ounces cold-pressed sunflower oil
• The contents of 1 vitamin E capsule
• 8–10 drops lemon essential oil, optional

Place the beeswax and sunflower oil in a pint jar and place that jar in a pan with water that reaches halfway up the sides of the jar. Bring to an almost-boil, and heat until the wax melts. Stir well to incorporate the two (using a wooden stir stick is the best, since you can compost it afterward and you won’t have to clean wax off it). Stir in the essential oils and vitamin E. Pour into two 4-ounce jars (or keep in the 8-ounce jar you’ve melted everything in). Stir a few times during cooling to ensure it stays emulsified. When cooled completely, store with a lid in a cool, dry place.

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