How to Clean Your Blinds, Windows and Blinds

Windows and Blinds

Windows and Blinds: Clean your windows on overcast days to prevent streaks. Washing your windows on warm, sunny days can cause your cleaning spray to evaporate too quickly and leave a streaky mess. Try to clean windows outside of peak daylight hours or on overcast days.

Prevent frost on windows with salt water. Dip a cloth in salt water, and use it to wipe the outside of your windows. Try this trick on car windows too!

Dust blinds with kitchen tongs. Grab a pair of tongs, 2 microfiber cloths, and 4 rubber bands. Wrap a cloth around each tong, and secure each cloth with 2 rubber bands. Once the cloths are attached to the tongs, grasp each blind between the 2 microfiber cloths, and wipe along the length of the blind. You can also spray the cloths or blinds with all-purpose spray to help loosen dirt and dust.

Get a streak-free shine with cornstarch. Amazingly, cornstarch works wonders to make windows shiny and crystal clear.

1 cup white vinegar
1 cup water
1 teaspoon cornstarch
5–10 drops essential oil
Spray bottle

Use a sock to clean window blinds. Make use of unpaired socks from the laundry! Put a sock on your hand, and dampen with water or all-purpose spray. Grab each blind between your thumb and fingers, and wipe clean.

Wash the outside of your windows with a homemade window cleaner. Mix 1 cup of white vinegar, 8 cups of water, and 2 teaspoons of natural dish soap in a bucket. Rinse the windows with the garden hose. Use a mop to scrub the windows with the solution, then rinse clean. Follow up with a squeegee to eliminate streaks.

Shake curtains clean instead of washing. Laundering curtains can reduce their life span, and some curtains are too delicate to be washed at all. To clean curtains without damaging them, shake them to loosen dirt and debris, then vacuum any remaining dust with the upholstery attachment.

Steam clean heavy curtains. Heavier curtains don’t usually clean up well in the washing machine. Since they’re so heavy, they hold on to moisture, making them even more difficult to dry completely and prone to mold and mildew. Instead, try steam cleaning. You don’t even need to take your curtains off the rods! Just make sure not to get your curtains too wet when steam cleaning so they won’t take too long to dry. You may want to clean them on a sunny day to help them dry more quickly.

Clean dirt and pet hair from window screens with a lint roller. Run a lint roller across the surface of your window screens to remove pet hair, dirt, cobwebs, and other debris effortlessly.

Mend a torn window screen with clear nail polish. Fix little snags in your window screens with a coat of nail polish to keep them from getting bigger.

Remove dirt from window tracks with a toilet paper roll. If your vacuum’s crevice attachment isn’t small enough to fit in window tracks, take the cardboard tube from the center of your toilet paper roll, and attach to the end of the vacuum hose. Bend the tube flat to fit in the track, and use it to clean those hard-to-reach places.

Scrub away stuck-on dirt from window tracks with a toothbrush. Sprinkle some baking soda on greasy, grimy window tracks, then pour some white vinegar to make them bubble and fizz. Use a toothbrush to reach into the tracks and scrub dirt away, then wipe clean with a cloth or paper towels.

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