Veggie Cleaner

Veggie Cleaner: Even when we purchase organic fruits and vegetables, they are still coated with food wax, transported, handled by picky customers, and have most likely acquired mold spores and germs along the way. It makes good sense to rinse them clean in this mixture before storing and eating. All but the softest of berries (raspberries) can be cleaned using this method.

•   ½ cup vinegar
•   2½ cups water
•   A few drops of grapefruit seed extract, optional

Mix together in a medium-size bowl.”

“To Use: Place this mixture in a clean basin in your sink and add your fruit or vegetables. Do all of your soft fruits in one batch, your hard fruits in another, and your vegetables in a third. Dry fruits and vegetables thoroughly using soft cloth or paper towels before storing, and throw a small cloth rag or paper towel in the container with them to absorb the moisture that escapes from the fruit and makes them go soft.

Extra Tip: You can also place fruits and vegetables inside pillowcases or specially-made small fabric bags to store them. Just be sure to wash the bags regularly, too.

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