Time to Deep-Clean Your Office Space

Time to Deep-Clean Your Office Space

Time to Deep-Clean Your Office Space:

Commercial cleaning entails everything from important daily tasks to semi-annual and annual deep-cleaning projects. Certain times of year, like the holiday season, are perfect for scheduling those larger cleaning projects that are important for both the maintenance and presentation of your facility.

When is the best time to deep clean an office? 

The holiday season is a great time to have your offices, school or facility cleaned. There will likely be days with a lower–than–usual traffic level, as employees, customers, guests and students are on different holiday schedules. Breaks around Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s provide the perfect time to complete annual and semi-annual cleaning tasks.

What gets cleaned weekly in an office? 

Bathrooms should be cleaned and sanitized. Mirrors should be cleaned, toilet bowls should be scrubbed, paper products should be restocked, floors should be sanitized and handles should be wiped down. Computer areas and desks should be wiped down. Kitchen counters and other surface areas should be cleaned, and dishes should be washed and put away.

When should deep commercial cleanings be scheduled? 

There are some cleaning tasks that only need to be performed a few times per year. It’s great to schedule these deep-cleaning tasks over the winter holidays and during the summer break. There are often days with fewer people during those time periods, and it’s easy to remember when to schedule your annual deep-cleaning appointments if they fall during the same time period every year. Also, consider scheduling deep-cleaning appointments before visits from health, insurance and fire safety inspectors.

What is cleaned during a deep commercial clean? 

It’s great to have carpets and tile deep–cleaned twice per year and to have hardwoods deep cleaned once per year. Tile grout can be cleaned, carpet stains can be lifted, and a deep dirt extraction process on hardwoods can help make them look new. The removal of dirt and debris from engineered wood, laminate flooring and linoleum also can help to keep them shiny and clean for years to come. Kitchen stoves, floor drains and vent hoods also can be cleaned at this time.

Why should you invest in commercial cleaning? 

Routine cleaning maintenance (like refilling soap dispensers and clearing the kitchen), weekly maintenance (such as disinfecting trash receptacles), monthly cleaning (like vacuuming upholstery and vents) and annual cleaning (like deep-cleaning hard floors) all contribute to the overall appearance of your facility. This ongoing commercial cleaning schedule also helps you to maintain a healthy workplace by removing germs and mold that can lead to sickness.

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