Steel Wool Cleaning Hacks

Steel Wool Cleaning Hacks

Steel Wool Cleaning Hacks, Cleaning pros mostly have dirty secrets but a clean secret a cleaning tool a secret that they have is super fine steel wool this is something that cleaning professionals love window cleaning professionals love them car cleaning professionals love them steel wool superfine steel wool which looks like zero zero zero zero steel wool on a package is superfine so that it doesn’t scratch a surface but it is abrasive enough to remove the stuff that you don’t want so in this video I’m going to show you exactly how the pros use steel wool so that you can be more efficient and cost effective at home with your cleaning and I’ll also give you some of the precautions so that you know how to use it properly.

If you like cleaning with steel wool like sandpaper steel wool is graded on a scale the one that we’re using today is super fun and I’m just looking at the back of the package here where they have all of the different things listed superfine has four zeros you will always see that that is one we’re talking about don’t use any other grade for any of the stuff we’re talking about today because I cannot guarantee the results this stuff can be really abrasive that’s why it’s used in all sorts of different home and industrial and commercial applications so it’s very important that you’re using the right grade the other thing to keep in mind is anything that I talked about today it is really important to make sure that you test on an inconspicuous which means a hidden area first that way if for whatever reason the finish that I’m demonstrating isn’t the exact same as the finish you have at home you’ll know if steel wool is okay to use on that finish as well here are a few precautionary tips off the top because I think it’s important to know how to use it safely before you actually get in to using it the thing to know about steel wool is that it’s sort of like steel cotton candy so it’s super fine floss if you will but it’s still metal and it’s still sharp and there’s still things we have to know about so obviously I’m handling it right now for the article with bare hands when I’m actually cleaning with it you will see I’m wearing gloves it’s also really important to keep it away from your eyes your nose and your mouth because you don’t want it getting into the system.

After you finish using it you might notice that there are some shavings or little leave behind complements or your steel wool so just make sure that you wipe that up you don’t want it getting anywhere where it shouldn’t the other thing to keep in mind is that steel wool can rust if it’s wet because it is steel so make sure that you’re drying it effectively if you’re going to reuse it and always check it to make sure that there’s no rust before using it again because rust can actually scratch and do the exact opposite of what you’re trying to accomplish when you use steel wool and one more thing it’s very flammable so a tip that we’re not covering today is that this is a great firestarter therefore if you’re storing it somewhere make sure that it’s safe and not anywhere that you could possibly start a fire okay so now that you know all the don’ts we’re going to get into the do’s there’s a school of thought that you can use steel wool dry and there’s a school of thought that you can use steel wool damp or you spray a little bit of product or water onto a surface and then use the steel wool to buff it I would recommend that you test both they both work so whatever floats your boat whatever gets your stains off that’s what I recommend you doing the first use for steel wool we’re going to cover is glass now I know what you’re thinking that seems counterintuitive because you’re using something that’s like scratchy and metal to clean glass but believe it or not it does work so I’ll give you a few examples of how this stuff really kicks.

But if you have a windshield and you’ve done if you have a car therefore you would have a windshield and you’ve done a long drive in the summer and you get SAP and dead bugs on your wind and you don’t know how to clean it steel wool is the way to go simply glove up and start buffing that dirty area and you will see that your glass becomes super clean another glass area that can be absolutely ridiculous to clean sometimes is a glass shower door or panel if you find that yours is covered in soap scum and hard water buildup steel wool is a great way to combat that issue again you’re just going to take a piece start using a buffing circular motion and you will see that any of that stuff comes off with ease just make sure that you rinse really well super fine steel wool is famous for removing rust so if you have rusty garden tools or hand tools even rusty scissors or knives patio furniture anything that could possibly be rusted super fine steel wool can easily get that rust off with a few simple buffing motions all that said the item that you are buffing cannot be coated or painted because that is a whole other can of worms that we’re not getting into today chrome is another surface that can really benefit from being cleaned by super fine steel wool reason being it’s got this nice high luster finish but at times it can be really challenging to keep nice and shiny or if you have chrome on your vehicle whether it’s a car or a motorcycle you might notice that your chrome gets rusted so again all you have to do is take your super fine steel wool give it a quick buff whether it’s your exhaust tailpipe your rims or even your faucet if you notice there’s hard water buildup you’ll see that super fine steel wool restores chrome to its original shiny luster.

Every now and then you might get a scuff mark from a shoe or you might get crayon on wallpaper well those sound rather specific they can be very challenging to clean if you happen to encounter them so if you do encounter one of those two specific cleaning challenges superfine steel wool can help you on floors if they’re vinyl or porcelain or ceramic any hard floor surface that’s not hardwood I would or natural stone I would say you can use your super fine steel will to quickly buff out those scuff marks frankly you could test in an inconspicuous area on hardwood or natural stone personally I wouldn’t be comfortable with it but hey it’s your house you do you now the other thing I mentioned was wallpaper if you have wallpaper and little ones and they like to color on the walls which we all know that happens super fine steel wool will definitely be able to buff out that crayon for you that is a good time savings if you’ve ever seen our video on how to clean silver you know how stark the difference can be when you have dirty silver and you see it become nice and clean with this very easy fix well super fine steel wool can do the exact same thing for brass if you have any brass fixtures whether they’re plumbing fixtures or door accessories you know handles drawer pulls door knobs that kind of thing that have sort of lost their original luster or even a brass accessory kicking around the house that just needs some life brought back to it you can give it a nice buff with your super fine steel wool and you will see that old dingy looking brass will look brand new.

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