Stainless Steel Sink Cleaning

Stainless Steel Sink Cleaning

Stainless Steel Sink Cleaning: Stainless steel sinks are more popular than porcelain these days. Cleaning them can seem much easier; they are easy to sanitize and spray clean, and don’t seem to hold onto stains or grime. But they have a dirty little secret … rust. The sinks themselves are not actually rusting, but tin cans, rust deposits in your water, and chemical reactions from cleaners left too long on a moist sink can leave nasty rust stains. Triclosan, that tricky antibacterial agent we mentioned earlier, and bleach can both cause chemical reactions with the metal that may look like rust. In those cases, making sure you spray down your sink after every use helps flush those chemicals down the drain.

Even though it isn’t coming from the sink itself, it’s there. Baking soda to the rescue, of course. The process here is very similar to cleaning a porcelain sink, but we’ll avoid anything too abrasive that might cause pitting.

Baking soda
• White vinegar
• Seltzer

Spray the sink well with warm water. Sprinkle baking soda over the entire surface area, then spray with white vinegar until thoroughly saturated. Let sit at least 20 minutes. Then, using a soft rag, rub in a circular motion with the grain of the steel to thoroughly clean.

Next, rinse well by pouring plain seltzer water over the entire surface of the sink, then let air dry. Things should be nice and clean now!

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