Small Kitchen Appliance Cleaning Spray

Small Kitchen Appliance Cleaning Spray: Small kitchen appliances like coffeepots, toasters, microwaves, juicers, etc., are magnets for dust, cobwebs, and crumbs. If they sit on the counter regularly, like toasters and coffee makers usually do, they are even more susceptible to getting sticky from food and drink spills, which then attracts even more grime and potentially ants or other bugs. Not to mention, keeping your appliances shiny and looking like new brings a fresh appearance to your kitchen that’s well worth the few moments it takes to wipe them down regularly. First off, be sure to store any less-frequently-used items in a cupboard below the counter to minimize your work and maximize your workspace. The appliances that remain can be cleaned externally with this simple, food-safe spray.

• ½ cup distilled or boiled and cooled water 
• ½ cup white vinegar
• 6 drops orange essential oil

Mix together and place in an 8-ounce spray bottle. Shake before using.

To Use: Spray liberally onto a cotton rag and wipe down small appliances. Let dry thoroughly before using the appliance.

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