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Shiny tile floors solution

Shiny tile floors solution: Ceramic tile floors get just as much dirt and grime buildup and usually have at least a slight texture to them from the natural variations in stone and glazes. This spray cuts through stuck-on grime and the rubbing alcohol helps it dry spot-free on darker-colored tiles. Cypress and lime essential oils feel very grounding for this spray, but you can use another blend if you prefer. You can also use this mixture in a steam mop if you have one for even better results.

• 2 cups white vinegar
• 2 cups hot water
• ¼ cup rubbing alcohol
• 20 drops cypress essential oil
• 10 drops lime essential oil

Mix well in a bucket. Use a lamb’s wool mop (or any other mop you have on hand) and mop the floor well. If any trouble spots remain, dip a textured washcloth in the cleaning solution and rub gently.

Extra Tip: If the idea of mopping makes you want to run and hide, you can also add this solution to a spray bottle and clean the floors with a textured washcloth. A reusable mophead with great natural cleaning power (like lamb’s wool) is my favorite, but you can also cut a thin cloth to the size of a standard stick cleaning mop (like Swiffer), saturate it in the cleaning solution, and sweep-mop away.

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