Salt is most commonly used as a food enhancer. But there’s so much more to what it can be used for; especially for cleaning. It can be added with other natural cleaning ingredients or used alone to handle certain tasks.

5 Ways to use it for cleaning purposes

1. For removing coffee and tea stains from cups – dampen a cloth and sprinkle salt onto it and rub in circular motions.
2. As an ant deterrent – Make an unbroken path of salt across window frames and doorways. They wouldn’t dare cross it! This might work for other little bugs too. Try it.
3. For polishing copper and silver – Make a thick paste with salt and vinegar. Apply the paste with a soft cloth onto your items. Then thoroughly rinse and dry them.
4. For removing that dull yellow look from white cotton and linen fabrics after you’ve had them for a while – boil them in salt and baking soda for an hour
5. For absorbing grease from pans – Sprinkle the grease with salt which absorbs it. Then wipe it. This will make it easier when it’s time to wash it.

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