Rubbing or Isopropyl Alcohol

Rubbing or Isopropyl Alcohol

Rubbing or Isopropyl Alcohol: 11 ways to use it for cleaning purposes

1. For Cleaning chrome – Take a soft, absorbent cloth and pour some rubbing or isopropyl alcohol onto it. Wipe the chrome and no rinsing is necessary. It’ll kill the germs and evaporate.

2. Cleaning venetian blind slats – Get a flat tool such as a 6-inch drywall knife or spatula and wrap it in cloth. Put a rubber band around it to secure it. Simply dip it in rubbing alcohol and start cleaning away.

3. To prevent window frosting during winter – Wash your windows with one quart of water and a ½ cup of rubbing alcohol. After washing, use newspaper to polish it for a shine.

4. To remove hair spray from mirrors – Those hair spray spots are stubborn! Clean your mirrors with rubbing alcohol and it’ll remove the sticky residue.

5. Getting rid of fruit flies – Fill a spray bottle with rubbing alcohol. As the annoying little gnats are flying around, spray them to drop dead. It’s not as strong as a commercial insecticide; but it’s more eco-friendly.

6. Removing ink stains – Presoak the spot(s) for a few minutes in rubbing alcohol just before laundering.

7. For preventing neck stain around the collar – Wipe your neck with rubbing alcohol before getting dressed and it’ll help prevent that ring around the collar of your clothing.

8. For cleaning the phone – Wipe your phone down with rubbing alcohol to both disinfect it and cut through the grime.

9. To remove permanent marker stains from countertops – Most countertops are made from nonpermeable material such as plastic laminate or perhaps marble. Use rubbing alcohol to dissolve marker stains back to a liquid state and then simply wipe it off.

10. For removing dog ticks – Dab the leech with rubbing alcohol which causes it to loosen its grip. Then grab it as close to the dog’s skin as possible to pull it straight out. To disinfect that area, simply dab it again with rubbing alcohol.

11. For dissolving windshield frost – Fill a spray bottle with rubbing alcohol and spray the car glass. Instead of scraping, simply wipe the frost off easily.

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