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Natural Green Cleaning

Natural Green Cleaning: DIY Cleaning Solutions with Vinegar and Other Frugal Resources That You Already Have.

It’s a given that popular cleaning products that you buy from the store are full of chemicals which means they are harmful to you, your family and your pets; not to mention the environment. Plus overall they’re more expensive. Some of these substances include ammonia, chemically engineered perfumes, chlorine, dyes, phosphates, other solvents and neurotoxins. Sometimes just opening the container can give you a headache and cause nausea from the toxic fumes.

There’s a delicate eco system here. When these chemical cleaning solutions have been used (sometimes all of it doesn’t even get used), it’s thrown into the trash which ends up in landfills thus polluting the soil and groundwater. This is harmful to living species because it eventually gets into their system.

So we’ll take an alternative “natural” route that’s safe, effective and have been around way before the 21st century! Most of the items listed below you probably already have in your home somewhere. And what’s really nice is that they’re affordable for most people. But you will be amazed at what they can do as far as cleaning is concerned.

It’s been said that “natural” cleaning solutions are weak when it comes to doing a good cleaning, removing stains, etc. in comparisons to chemical commercial household cleaners. That’s sometimes why people tend to shy away from ecofriendly products. If that describes how you feel, simply make your homemade cleaning solution a little more concentrated, and apply a little more manual scrubbing pressure. You’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Listed in this blog are 11 items we can use to make up our natural homemade cleaning concoctions and deodorizers for different parts of your home (bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, closet, living room, etc.). Interestingly, each item can be used in various other ways. But to keep it manageable, we will focus on their “cleaning” purposes.

Also, you’ll find that some of the solutions overlap. In other words, if there’s an ingredient you don’t have readily available there might be another ingredient that you do have that can serve the same purpose. Let’s break them down and have some fun with this!

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