Living Room Cleaning Routine

Living Room Cleaning Routine

Living Room Cleaning Routine: This week we’re tackling the living room, its also one of the epicenters of our home we eat here watch TV here and spend a large portion of our home time right here in this room so let’s clean it here’s what you’ll need a laundry basket for misplaced items a garbage bag and a recycling bag microfiber cloths flat weave and regular some all-purpose cleaner and a vacuum with a brush attachment we’ll be using our three wave system of cleaning and wave number one is the decluttering wave what I’m doing here is working my way around the room in a clockwise motion picking anything up and putting it where it belongs or putting it in a laundry basket garbage or recycling bag and I’m just basically tightening the space up so that I can prepare it to be cleaned which is coming up in wave.

Number two I’m lining items up parallel and perpendicular that makes it look a lot tidier and now that things look neat and tidy we’ll move on to wave number two which is the actual cleaning wave where will dust polish disinfect and wipe things down again I’m working clockwise around the room working from top to bottom that way I’ll cover every area and I won’t skip anything for the TV I’m using a flat wave microfiber cloth and a little tiny bit of liquid remember you don’t have to clean everything during this cleaning but if you notice something that’s dirty and needs some attention this is your time to do it and now for the third and final wave my least favorite wave of vacuuming this week I’m going to vacuum my pillows and other soft surfaces when I was cleaning a few days back I vacuumed my upholstery I don’t need to get crazy up in here I’m just doing what I need to do.

Now that I finished vacuuming the pillows I’ll take a second to fluff them up and put them on the sofa neatly that way the room looks nice and welcoming and just because I feel like it I’m going to vacuum my ottoman today too all right now we’ll tackle vacuuming the floor and I’m going to move any big pieces of furniture out. I break the room up into three sections and I work from left to right using what I call the W pattern and we have a video on how to vacuum properly the room looks fabulous but there’s a little bit more work to do I’ve got to put those dirty dishes in the kitchen and deal with them and then I have to put any of those other items back where they belong well taking a look at this room it was well worth the or so minutes I spent actually cleaning it and this room looks so warm and welcoming now and you guys saw me do it it wasn’t anything overly complicated it was just being systematic and being organized and with all that the room now looks amazing.

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