Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide: 10 Ways to use it for cleaning purposes

1. All-purpose cleaner for tubs, sinks and countertops- Put a little on your cleaning cloth and wipe or spray the surface to kill germs and leave a refreshing scent.

2. Cleaning wooden cutting boards Simply pour some on it to kill salmonella and other bacteria.

3. Cleaning toothbrushes – To kill germs, it must be soaked immediately after being poured from the bottle because H2o2 loses potency quickly after being exposed to light. No wonder it’s packaged in dark bottles! Rinse it well before using your toothbrush again.

4. For a toilet or septic system disinfectant – In a dark spray bottle that filters out sunlight, fill a half with hydrogen peroxide and the other half with water. Spray some on the inside of the toilet bowl and let it stay for at least a few minutes then you can use a scrub brush to clean it. Your septic will not be damaged because the H2o2 will be diluted by the time you flush it. This is a great alternative instead of using bleach.

5. For whitening laundry – Instead of using bleach, add 1 cup of H2o2 to a load of laundry. Specifically to get blood out of the fabric, pour some directly on the spot and let it presoak for about 1 minute. Then rub that area and rinse with cold water. You can repeat the process if needed. Do not overdo it unless you want to ruin your fabric as H2o2 is a bleaching agent!

6. For mopping floors Pour 1 gallon of hot water in a bucket along with a ½ cup ofhydrogen peroxide.

7. For cleaning mold and mildew – In a dark spray bottle that filters out sunlight, fill 2/3 of it with water and the remaining 1/3 with H2o2. Spray the affected area and let it stay for a minimum of 10 minutes then wipe it off. In general, considering it’s a bleaching agent, be mindful of what you use it on to preserve the colors of things.

8. For cleaner dishes – If you’re hand washing, add a ½ cup to your sink’s dish water.

9. For a fruit and vegetable wash – In a dark spray bottle that filters out sunlight, fill it with half water and half H2o2. Spray it thoroughly to kill bacteria and neutralize chemicals (especially if it was sprayed with pesticides which mean anything that’s not organic) and rinse. To add longevity to your produce, do this right away when you get home.

10. For cleaning bacteria out of sponges – Pour half water and half hydrogen peroxide in a shallow dish. Soak the sponge in it for 10 minutes. Then thoroughly rinse it out and let it completely dry before the next use.

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