How to Stay Clean While Traveling

How to Stay Clean While Traveling

How to Stay Clean While Traveling? The most annoying thing about traveling is the fact that you don’t have access to your regular cleaning kit that you have at home so in the event that you encounter something dirty smelly or a stain how are you going to clean it well I’ve assembled my favorite cleaning tips and tricks for travel and I’m going to share them with you for all of the dirty details that we’re going to be discussing. This will give you all of the details about what we’re doing the products that I’m using and a few extra tips that you can pack along with you let’s get to it.

Your shoes so you’re traveling you bring your shoes with you and you notice that they get all scuffed up well if you don’t want to pack a travel shoe cleaning kit what you can do instead is go down to the hotel lobby bar or yank a few of these from a hot dog stand before you get going and all you need is a little bit of vinegar and you can grab one of your washcloths from your hotel bathroom and just use the vinegar to condition and clean your leather shoes now I’m all about traveling with fancy schmancy little things but I will say one of the things I kind of disagree with is a little designer medicine bag if you spill something in this toothpaste hair gel whatever it’s gonna get ruined and then what you’re gonna be traveling with this dirty crusty thing and then it’s gonna get all over your stuff and it’s gonna get ruined and then you’re gonna have to throw it out and then you’re gonna get all resentful and it’s just not worth it so the solution put your stuff in a ziploc bag and I know hey that’s really obvious but you know what it works so do it let it get all grimy and crunched up don’t worry about it and it’s really good because like your food in the freezer it will contain all of your toiletries and in the event of a spill or anything like that it is all contained and not getting on your clothing.

Let’s say you’re going away for a long time or you don’t want to check your luggage or for whatever reason you have to watch something go and pick up these little teeny tiny laundry packs I got this at Walmart in their Travel section I think it was two or three dollars for this container it has three little one use packets of tide and it’s specifically designed for traveling it says hand wash and sink that’s awesome what’s next on my list a stain remover pen I know they’re a little bit corny but honestly if you get a stain on some of your clothing you will want to pretreat it because if you don’t have access to a washer dryer or you forgot to pack those little tight things you’re going to want to pretreat that stain so that when you do get home you can wash it and you won’t have to worry about it.

The next thing I really think is a great investment and it’s very inexpensive alcohol wipes now you might be a fan of hand sanitizer I have viniq hand sanitizer smells gross so I don’t use it that’s why I have these little alcohol wipes they will disinfect so if you’re flying on the plane in your meal comes by and you’re like oh I don’t want to eat it but I’m hungry so I need to wash my hands but I don’t use bathroom get up one of these things quickly wipe your hands they’ll be clean and disinfected and you will be in good shape these are also really good if you’re paranoid about you know your hotel room not being as clean as it should be hey we did a video on that check it out what you can do is just use this to touch up like your remote or you know like twitches or whatever you feel is dirty and you want to give a quick cleaning – this is your disinfecting solution.

Next cool little thing you can bring with you traveling our dryer sheets I think these are pretty nifty because they keep your suitcase and your clothing smelling really good so even if you put one dryer sheet somewhere in your suitcase it will definitely make it smell amazing and it will be even more important for your trip back home because that is when your packing the nastiness so keep a couple of Bounce sheets with you and you’re gonna be in good shape a good way to keep your laundry clean from dirty separated while you’re it’s use the laundry bags at the hotel survived so you can find these usually in the closet grab it out start putting all of your dirty laundry in there and then that way you’ll know what you can still wear and what you most definitely cannot finally a quick tip on how to travel with your jewelry a couple things if you have a nice delicate chain you can grab a drinking straw like so and feed one half of the chain through the drinking straw that will prevent it from getting tangled pretty awesome.

The other thing you can do is grab a simple hand towel like so and start rolling your jewelry one piece after another into the towel and that way you’ll have your jewelry not tangled and looking great for your travels well my friends those are my cleaning travel tips and tricks I would love to know what yours are so please drop them in the comment box below don’t forget to subscribe to catch more of our great cleaning videos and like the video if you liked the video thanks so much for watching travel safe travel clean and don’t travel with anything that’s gonna get you a strip-search see you next time.

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