Shine Your Dirty Cutlery

How to Shine Your Dirty Cutlery

So you’re all prepared for dinner party you think you’re good to go and the thing you forgot to do is probably the most important thing about shining your cutlery. How do I clean my cutlery, what we need is of course your dirty cutlery I’ve got here a cup of hot water, microfiber cloth my favorite and vinegar what I’ve done is I poured about a quarter cup of vinegar into the cup of hot water pop my cup or dish and I’m going to let it sit for a few minutes done take your cutlery wipe it off and you can see sparkly as a diamond. If you’ve got some glassware that you want to clean as well and you’re steaming up the hot water for your cutlery cleaning project you can just take your glassware and hold it over the kettle as it’s boiling, the steam that will be caused from the kettle will help you clean your glass really nicely and shine it up so let the steam build up inside the glass take the cloth and give it a wipe and you can do the same thing on the outside and you will have crystal clear glasses.

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