How to Remove Stickers from Glass Ware

How to Remove Stickers from Glass Ware

How to Remove Stickers from Glass Ware? There are tons of answers that people provide for how to remove stickers from glassware so rather than giving you one straight answer I’m going to put three of those to the test today and you be the judge because I don’t keep glassware with price tags on them in my house I actually went out and picked some up three glasses really nice covered in stickers you have guests coming over what are you going to do let’s see how these three fix our little sticky glass problem so we’re going to start with this one and we’re going to use vinegar regular kitchen vinegar it’s important to get min ago close to the edges now while the vinegar is soaking we’re going to try the peanut butter method so you’re not making a sandwich here you just need about this much perhaps half a teaspoon of peanut butter and you will lightly spread it just like you’re making a sandwich over the sticker and the idea here is that the oils from the peanut butter will help remove and break down the adhesive.

And the last one I’ve heard about is using your hairdryer to melt the sticker right off the glass let’s put this one to the test start by putting my hairdryer on the hottest setting and then I’ll just give it a full blast of heat for about a minute so we’ll do it sticker by sticker okay let’s see what happens it’s been a minute that’s exciting let’s see beware whoa that is actually impressive so you have to lift the sticker off initially but then once you do kill it off pretty easily and it doesn’t lead to much of a residue behind does have a little bit of residue but again that can be wiped off with a cloth all right next class the peanut butter one this is going to be messy this is going to be dirty but let’s see if it works so again the idea here is that the oil from peanut butter saturates the stickers and helps remove all stickers and related residue I am getting a lot of peanut butter under my fingernail a very determined individual so I will sit here until it’s done clean break and there’s absolutely no residue left behind on the next so you can see again there’s no residue left behind so that is cool but it’s a little bit of extra work because couldn’t get the sticker off in one fell swoop this is really bad okay so apparently this works but I actually don’t have the amount of patience required to get this sticker and that sticker off and I also think this is kind of gross and I don’t really want peanut butter all over my business anymore.

Final method is vinegar so I’ve left this for about five minutes and all you need to do is just literally peel it off with your thumb so let’s see it’s working it definitely gets the adhesion off it’s a little bit Messier because Messi’s peanut butter but oh I hate when that happens the thing I did read is that if something like this is happening you can just reapply the vinegar leave it for another couple of minutes and then go at it again so I just going to take my cloth and put a little bit more vinegar on it and see what happens so in our little test here the gold medal winner is the hairdryer method although there was a little bit of residue left behind it worked the quickest and the most effective all I would recommend is wiping the exterior of the glass down with a little bit of vinegar or putting it in the dishwasher and then it will be in great shape the silver medal goes to the vinegar method I love this method not only does it get rid of the stickers it does take a little bit more work but it gets rid of that residue as well so definitely a good one to have in your back pocket and I can’t even give a medal for peanut butter just just disqualify yourself from the race okay like it was a bad method bad idea dirty it smells you know I love peanut butter you don’t really want to see it in this context didn’t do a good job total waste of time don’t use peanut butter to remove stickers fine.

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