Remove Pet Hair Off Furniture Clothing

How to Remove Pet Hair Off Furniture Clothing and Linens

How to Remove Pet Hair Off Furniture Clothing and Linens? Cats bring a lot of love into your home they also bring a lot of hair into your home. I find to be the best and I’m also going to give this one a try saw it at the grocery store and I thought it was worth a whirl now of course the best way to remove pet hair is to vacuum if you don’t have a room but one of those little vacuums that roams around your house when you’re not home you’ll have pet hair going everywhere.

So if you want to be proactive and keep pet hair out of your house you probably should be vacuuming more than once a week but if you just don’t have the time for that you want to quick fix this is what these products have been designed for so I have three products here today that we can talk about and they all work to varying degrees of success I’m also going to give this one a try it’s the pledge fabric sweeper so I’m actually looking forward to trying this one come on okay the first thing I have is this ever looking hairbrush thing I don’t remember the name of it but I was really excited when I saw it because I thought it would work so when I tried it I had varying degrees of success I haven’t really found it to be the best and it kind of ended up in my bucket of cleaning products that I bought and tried and I’m not really thrilled with but I’ll still show you how it works and if you like it maybe it’s worth you picking up.

The other thing I know is you can vet these and that will attract Hey they’re onto it which can be a good way to remove hair as well and then you can use this edger here just to pick up anything that you found the next thing that works really well are these lit removers there’s an old one by and what you do is you peel off the old paper and you reveal a fresh piece of sticky paper I’m sure you’ve all seen these this one I bought at IKEA and it works really well actually and a lot of people carry these around in their cars or in their travel bags just to give yourself a quick touch-up before you’re going into a meeting so you don’t look like a crazy cat woman.

So the next thing I’ve come across is the pledge fabric sweeper and it has a cat and a dog on it so clearly I know it’s for someone like me it says here that it replaces lint roller sheets I don’t know how many come in here but says it replaces them the good thing is you don’t have to keep throwing it out this is reusable if you’re a little bit handy and you can sort of pick out the hair which we’ll get to and it says it works on pillows bedspreads car interiors and chairs so that’s pretty much any surface that your cat or dog will be on and really you shouldn’t be using this on carpet that’s what a vacuum and now I’m going to do one of the most exciting things I think I’ve ever done on one of my videos on box up locked all right here we go so it’s easy to grip it’s kind of like a big mouse okay so yeah I see how this works this actually is pretty neat so let’s give the products a try and see how they all work the test area is my duvet before shooting is I let the cats roll around on the bed so that I would have a nice even layer of cat hair as you can see we’ll start off by testing the IKEA lint roller I’m going to do a couple of passes on the bed wow this really works well gosh takes everything up now the only annoying part about this is that the paper fills up quickly and I have to continue to rip it off and get a fresh new sticker so this can be a big time waster for a whole duvet.

The second thing I’ll test is this rubber looking hairbrush thing now I’m doing some passes here all the hair well some of it is getting to the end of the bed but it leaves a lot behind that’s kind of a waste and then it comes with this edger and I guess you can sort of use it to pile all the hair up but you know what that’s kind of a waste of time this tool not so spectacular that’s pretty high maintenance finally I’ll try the pledge fabric sweeper I’ll do a few passes well that actually works pretty well now it is leaving some hair behind but the thing I like is that it’s really easy to use so I’ll do a few more passes and it should get out most if not all of the hair now look at that pretty good now the container you can see all the hair just filling up in there this is awesome cool product so what do we learn today we learned that it’s really important to vacuum on a regular basis or else you’ll have like a pet hair explosion at home we tried three different products out the first one was this rubber hair pickup thing I don’t know what it’s called I bought it a while ago I throw out the package I want to say it was under ten bucks on the bedspread I had to make sure I was holding it taut and I brushed the hair it did move to one side but it clumped all into sort of a pile so it didn’t technically remove it but it did brush it all away so oh and the cat really loved it too so I don’t know that that’ll get at some points I would give this a out of the next product that we tried definitely the least expensive my IKEA lint roller and you buy refills for it.

So when you’re done you just pop off the old roll and you put on the new one kind of like toilet paper and it definitely worked the best on the bed my only issue came with a lot of garbage and this actually gets annoying to deal with so for this I want to give this a out of I really like it but I don’t love the fact that you have to keep replenishing it finally the pledge fabric sweeper I wasn’t really sure how this was going to turn out I haven’t heard anything about it up to this point but I have to say I’m really impressed with this product the other thing that I love about it is that and although the company doesn’t advertise it if you just pull out one of the rollers you can pick out the old hair you can pop it back into place and reuse it this product I’m going to give a out of I really really like it I’m actually very impressed I believe it was under ten bucks I want to say about seven maybe eight dollars and I think it’s well worth the money.

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