How to Remove Greasy Fingerprints From Walls

How to Remove Greasy Fingerprints From Walls

How to Remove Greasy Fingerprints From Walls? Greasy fingers lead to greasy fingerprints on your walls. I actually have encountered it before you know what it’s quite a challenge to get it out because regular cleaning products and even water can’t get rid of oil stains on paint but there is an easy solution let me show you what it is I’ve made finger prints here with olive oil but this will work on your old stains too I’m using regular white chalk don’t use colored chalk I got this -pack from Walmart for under a buck notice here I’m using the chalk with a bit of an angled edge that way I avoid scratching the paint gently color each oil stain in and let it sit for about five minutes then use a clean dry microfiber cloth to wipe the chalk residue away.

Next and this is the important part slightly damp in the microfiber cloth and wipe away the oil Laden chalk residue let the water evaporate and you’ll be left with no more greasy fingerprints voila that’s all there is to it ok so how easy was that now I know you’re gonna grab a piece of chalk or mount around your whole house looking for oily fingerprints.

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