Banish Cooking Odors

How to Quickly Banish Cooking Odors

How to Quickly Banish Cooking Odors? Do kitchen odors have you extremely embarrassed to have people over at your home? kitchen owners something nobody likes to talk about plaguing homes everywhere. how to quickly eliminate these disgusting kitchen odors, boil a pot of vinegar, in about half a cup of vinegar and put it into a small pot it’s open there’s no lid on the pot and add about / of a cup to a cup of tap water to that pot and you’ll just let it cook I have it on high and what it’ll do is it will create steam that steam traps and absorbs the odors so that it doesn’t linger around in your kitchen let it simmer let it boil and let it do its thing another great thing you can do in conjunction with this is to turn on your exhaust, it’s there that’s exactly what it’s supposed to do and it works like a charm but I can’t compete with it it’ll solve your problem.

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