Cleaning Tips, How to Organize Your Linen Closet

How to Organize Your Linen Closet

How to Organize Your Linen Closet: Let’s get down to business. Remove everything from the closet. We’re going to start by removing everything from the closet and I mean everything. This allows me to give the closet shelves a good cleaning, and it allows me to better see and sort all of the stuff that has been clogging up my closet shelves. Right off the bat, I found a few items which actually belong elsewhere in our home, and I found a few items that can be just thrown out or put into the recycling bins. So I’ve already freed up some space in the closet. It might also be handy to have a keep, toss, donate zone set up so that while you’re removing everything, you can just sort as you go along. Remember our rules about decluttering. Clean the shelves. Start with a good vacuuming and then give the shelves the old one-two, using your favorite all-purpose cleaner or whip up some of your own like I have here. It’s just got a drop of dish soap and some tap water. I’ve mixed it up in a spray bottle, and then you can spray down all of your shelves and wipe everything nice and dry with a microfiber cloth. At this point, consider placing some shelf liner down if you notice you get scratches on shelves where you store bottles or boxes. Recycle boxes for storage. Now let’s use some storage boxes to keep all like items together. This is great timing because we just so happen to have some boxes from our recent decluttering project, and I’m also going to repurpose this shoebox to hold all of our craft supplies. I found this old basket lying around, so I’m going to use it to store all of my vacuum accessories.

Folding towels and linens. Create a beautiful linen closet by making your linens and towels look hotel-ready. I love folding my towels in thirds and then stacking them. They look great, and nice, and fluffy, and it’s a good way to double up by stacking one set behind the other in deeper closets. Go through each towel as you do this and just get rid of any which are worn, stained, or super old and grungy towels that don’t get used any more. I think that two to three towels per person makes sense and then a couple of guest sets if you host. Use the old towels you no longer need in the closet as rags or just donate them to a shelter or a pet shelter. They can have much better use elsewhere than taking up valuable real estate in your sliver of a linen closet. For linens, there’s a great trick that’s been floating around the Internet for years now, and that is to use your pillowcase as a storage container for the rest of the linen set. This looks beautiful, and if you want to do it, all you have to do is stack your fitted sheet, flat sheet and pillowcase together, place those three items into the second pillowcase, and then just fold down the flap of that pillowcase and store it in your linen closet. Wrapping paper. There’s a slew of wrapping paper storage products out there, but I have a hard time justifying shelling out bucks to buy a product that looks like a garbage can with a lid, especially when I have this old IKEA container that could be a garbage can that I bought for two bucks back in and looks like it will be able to perform the exact same function. Light bulbs. For light bulbs, we’ve decided to move to a smaller container from now on because we are switching to LED lights in our house. Yes, we know they’re more expensive, but they are energy efficient and you only have to replace them about every years. So we figure it’s worth the investment.

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