How to Make a Bed

How to Make a Bed

How to Make a Bed? In the military a neatly made bed is a reflection of a soldier’s discipline and attention to even the smallest details they have beds which are made so crisply one can bounce a quarter off of them clearly I’ve never been in the military but I do understand the value of a well-made bed a well-made bed can make or break the cleanliness of an entire bedroom but making your bed is such a hassle right I mean who really cares if your bed is made or not well consider this a recent study found that a neatly made bed can actually make you happier yes you can actually lead a happier life if you make your bed.

I will show you how to make your bed not for a hotel but just for your bedroom so it can look delightful in about two minutes or seconds that way you can actually stick to your commitment each day your first job is to clear everything off your bed strip it down to just the fitted sheet this is a good opportunity to claim those stray socks which seem to you know pop up from time to time you can also place your pillows on a chair or tabletop surface next make your way around the mattress and ensure the fitted sheet is nicely tucked in pulling the sheet taut as you go you can also even out your bed skirt at this point take your flat sheet aka your top sheet and evenly spread it out on top of your bed be sure you cover the entire mattress if you have a pattern on your flat sheet sure to place it pattern side down that way when you fold it over at the end of this process the pattern will be there for everyone to see like your cat and that creepy spying neighbor.

Now this next part comes down to personal preference to talk or not to talk personally I love a nice crisp clean hospital corner on my side which is this side it’s like slipping into a burrito and going to bed, the first way is the hospital corner so what you do is you take one side of the sheet like this lift your mattress slightly and tuck everything underneath nice and tight then take the hanging over part like this and neatly fold it under almost like you’re wrapping a present to get yourself a nice crisp corner it’s really easy it just takes a couple of times to practice now there are many other ways including very formal ways to make a hospital corner I don’t really have time for that when I’m getting ready in the morning I just want to do a nice quick one so this one works for me if you want to neat and tidy and perfect one.

We don’t roll that way here we are on side of the bed with an untucked corner in order to achieve this you don’t tuck in the corner the next step is the same whether you use a duvet like I am or a blanket or a comforter or a bedspread just take your top cover and again evenly cover your entire mattress then take your flat sheet and top cover together and fold them back as far as makes you happy it’s all about you I usually make my folds about foot and a half wide but you do your own thing here’s the important part take a moment to smooth away as many wrinkles as possible just by using your hand and pulling it tight you can also give a few tugs on the side of the blanket to make it a really nice clean surface and finally your pillows which you pretty much just fluff up by giving them a bit of a beating stack them up neatly on top of your bed we use four and we just like I said stack them up and if you have any decorative pillows like these you can just lean them against your flat pillows and that’s pretty much how you do your decorative pillows you stack the ones you sleep on and you lean the ones that you don’t and that’s pretty much it for a quick morning bed making routine is concerned.

Those flat sheets top sheets and pillowcases should be washed every one to two weeks now I know sometimes life gets in the way so if you need to push it I guess you could do a month at the absolute bare minimum just don’t invite anyone into your bedroom if you’ve ever noticed there’s that funky smell in your room it’s because your sheets need to be washed so that’s why I save every one to two weeks now comforters duvets bedspreads and other blankets should be washed every three months or so ideally yes you should seeing as how mattresses cost a small fortune it’s a good idea to protect it with something a little bit more than just a simple fitted sheet and considering that we royally sweaty beasts when we are sleeping I’ve always opted for a mattress protector myself I totally hear you on this one the only advice outside of half patients that I can give you is to lie your duvet and do the cover down on the bed take the corner of the duvet and fish it inside to the opposite end of the duvet cover now grab both corners on the outside pinch and pull the cover of the duvet it’s really helpful if you have somebody else around the house that can help you with this test because it can cut your time in half well there you have it and maybe it’s silly to think that something so mundane can make you happier but I will say this there’s just something so very nice about sliding into a crisply made bed each night especially after a hard day it just feels so much more welcoming and cozy and it definitely helps me sleep better.

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