How to Keep the Litter Box Fresh and Clean

How to Keep the Litter Box Fresh and Clean

How to Keep the Litter Box Fresh and Clean: It doesn’t have to be a complicated process but managing the litter box is something that requires a regular schedule in your life if like me you haven’t trained your cat how to use the toilet yet so for all of you who have asked here’s how I maintain my litter box for my cat not for me quick programming note because the use of actual poop would be disgusting I decided that we’ll be using these little bite size chocolate bars to demonstrate today so good luck getting this visual out of your head so first and foremost in cleaning and maintaining a litter box is to take out the poops each and every day this is the easiest way to manage odors and avoid accidents involving over pooping get yourself one of these little litter sifters and commit to a time each day to take care of this job if you do this everything else should be pretty easy.

What I do is take a little paper lunch bag use my sifter put the poop in the bag roll it up and toss it easy done with if you have a plastic litter box which I don’t I recommend changing the litter as directed on the litter bag depending on which litter you choose and also taking that time to give the box of good scrubbing using an iron handled scrub brush and of course warm water with a few drops of dish liquid mixed in it it’s best if you can actually do this outside and clean it with a hose now if you encounter some tougher stains and to further deodorize you can mix a simple paste using baking soda and water and scrub away don’t forget to take this opportunity to clean your litter sifter tool which we did right before shooting this video once everything is clean you can disinfect the litter box using a regular store-bought disinfectant or my preference is always to make my own either using a mixture of rubbing alcohol and water or just plain oxygen bleach.

If you’ve had your litter box for a long time and it smells and it’s plastic you can also consider using an enzyme cleaner which is right here to battle some of that heavy duty build-up that no doubt exists enzyme cleaners are great because they eat away odor causing bacteria it’s like they eat bacteria for breakfast so if you want to know more about this stuff I’ll put the link in the description box below another great product that you may be interested in our litter box liners I don’t have them but they’re like big wide plastic bags they go over your litter box and they’re bound with an elastic bag so I don’t use it but it’s a good thing that you can use because you can simply bag up all the dirty litter throw it out put in a new liner add your new litter and you’re all good I personally use these litter boxes they are made by Nature’s Miracle and they’re actually made of paper and baking soda so they’re completely biodegradable and we switch these out every month or so and we chose to use this because we were sick and tired of having the gross plastic smelly yucky litter box situation.

Now interestingly my mom who used to have a cat and then later developed cat allergies told me that back in the day we’re talking to she used a turkey basting pen like one of those tinfoil ones and they use that for a litter box but that’s really environmentally unfriendly so these things are an amazing solution now I always get asked about what the best kitty litter is that I would recommend for you guys to use because there are so many options, but I did want to mention that the litter I use at home are crystals and they have been incredibly amazing for us seasons I love them are because the blue crystals in here actually turn white or green when it’s time to replace them kind of like your toothbrush that sort of wears down after it’s no longer blue you know you have to change your toothbrush also when you scoop and then if you stir the litter afterwards it sort of covers the odor even more and sort of refreshes the litter so I think that’s amazing and the other thing I love is that because the crystals are larger trunks they don’t get stuck in the cat’s paws meaning that when the cats jump out of the litter box you’re not seeing the little tiny granules being tracked all over the house so through-and-through great stuff also I don’t care what brand it is this is just a plain store white label brand spend as little money as you can on them but the crystals in my opinion work really really well.

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