How to Hand Wash Dishes

How to Hand Wash Dishes

How to Hand Wash Dishes: There are only two things in this world more monotonous than hand washing your dishes watching grass grow and watching paint dry for those of you who don’t have a dishwasher washing dishes by hand is a tedious reality each and every day and even if you have a dishwasher it doesn’t preclude you from this chore personally I have like cups that aren’t dishwasher safe and then there’s that gang of pots and pans that can’t go into the dishwasher either there are actually many things that you shouldn’t put into the dishwasher like crystal cast-iron pots or nonstick pots and pans any good knives that you may have and wooden cooking utensils here are helpful tips and tricks to make this stupid job a little bit easier tip.

Number one use gloves safety first everyone these bright yellow gloves not only make you look super cool they also protect your skin on your delicate digits from losing its natural oils and then drying out they also protect your hands from hot water as well as any rogue knives lying around at the bottom of your sink now a cool bonus feature to these gloves is that they’re made of rubber and it’s kind of tacky tacky like ugly but also tacky like sticky meaning it’s super easy to hold on to Slippery dishes oh and if you don’t like that rubber gloves smell like me you can just sprinkle some baking soda into your gloves to deodorize them but I bet you saw that one coming.

Number two get a dish rack for around bucks you can get yourself a dish rack that will hold a good amount of dishes and glasses in colory oh my I behind for about bucks as you can see it’s fairly large and I saved money by not buying that little tray that goes underneath and I cheated I’m just using a simple baking sheet and I’m putting a dish towel over top of it instead that is called being frugal never three white food off your dishes ASAP might sound a little simplistic but you’d be surprised how much tougher it is to watch food that has been sitting on a dish for hours if you tackle the food as soon as possible it’s much easier to clean off when food dries to a plate moisture comes out the food clings onto any surface it can find making your job a lot more difficult.

Number four use the hottest water you can bear the hotter the water the better it makes the food come off easier and it helps dry your glasses in color II without spots or streaks hot water also gets grease off faster never fly time to soak for really stubborn food deposits or for cleaning up the pots and pans time is on your side you can use a few drops of dish liquid for dishwasher detergent and let those tough baked on food bits loosen overnight in the morning you should be able to easily wipe everything away that is called conserving your elbow grease and I am a big fan you can also sprinkle in some baking soda for a little extra mild abrasion number invest in a good sponge you can find name-brand sponges at your local dollar store or big-box store just make sure it’s a non scratching sponge this is a scotch-brite sponge and the scrubby side is blue and the back side is also blue which in scotch-brite terms means it’s non scratching these tools here are also pretty handy to wash dishes with a dish one where you can put dish liquid directly inside and then you see there’s this scrubbing sponge that you can use we use this all the time it’s awesome you can also use a dish bra and you can also use a scraper which I’ve talked about several times and it’s really good for lifting off that burnt off duct that you just can’t get off with anything else number seven don’t let your dishes pile up unlike fine wine or an artisanal cheese dirty dishes tend to not age very well what’s worse is that the dish pile is only going to grow bigger and bigger and your interest level in Washington is going to get smaller and smaller so don’t let your sink turn into mount dish more tackle the dishes every night that way they’ll never get out of hand and become overbearing and remember the cleanliness of your sink can make or break your entire kitchen number eight cleaning burnt pots and pans now.

Number nine wash in the right order now this is pretty intuitive you want to wash your dishes from the least greasy and the least dirty to the most greasy and the most dirty so it usually goes something like this first you wash your glassware and any drinking vessels then you’re going to wash your cutlery then your plates and your bowls and whatnot and finally you’re going to wash your pots and pans now you may have to drain and refill the water is needed especially if you notice it getting really greasy and grimy in there and finally number ten now this isn’t so much a tip as it is the way I choose to hand wash my dishes and whatnot here at home and it’s pretty simple so I thought I would share it with you if you have two sinks you’re going to fill one with the hottest water you can tolerate and add a couple of drops of dish liquid you don’t need a lot now fill the other sink with cool water and half cup of plain white vinegar that is going to act as a rinse agent and help avoid spots and streaks on your glassware all you need to do is wash each dish in the hot water using your sponge or your dish wand or your dish brush then you’re going to take it and dip it into your cool water and vinegar make sure it’s all nice and clean take it out and place it in your drying rack if you have one sink to work with I’m going to save you a lot of time I need you to make a pretreat ur for your dishes and all you need to do is take a tablespoon of dish liquid mix it with some water and place it in a spray bottle you’re going to take that pretreat ER and spray each of our dishes and then you’re going to neatly pile them on the side of the sink while the dishes are sitting there and the pretreat er is breaking everything down you’ll pick each one up and one by one you’re going to give the dish the once-over with the dish wand or your sponge and you’re going to run your sink on a slow stream of water there’s no need to put it on full-blast and waste water then you’ll rinse the dish and you’ll place it into your dish rack and let it dry whether you have one sink or two some items will require hand drawing using a towel this is where I suggest using a waffle weave microfiber towel which is super absorbent and actually dries quicker than a regular tea towel this is incredible for drawing your dishes I really hope this helps.

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