How To Get Kids to Start Cleaning, How to Clean Books

How To Get Kids to Start Cleaning

How To Get Kids to Start Cleaning: Cleaning doesn’t come naturally for kids now does it it sure didn’t for me so it’s no surprise that we get asked about the best way to get kids to clean, make it fun cleaning doesn’t need to be boring in fact with a little imagination cleaning can be fun you can start by playing music during cleanup time pick one or two songs and while they’re playing everyone gets down with some groovy cleaning action it’s also fun to turn cleaning into a game or a challenge perhaps it could also be an important mission children might not yet understand the importance of a clean or clutter free life but most children understand the importance of completing a mission so work with that you can play laundry basketball or have cleaning races sweep the floor cred onto the special tile I even read somewhere of a mother whose daughters would pretend to be filming cleaning commercials while cleaning how fantastic is that whatever you do this is a perfect opportunity to let their little imaginations run free cleaning is only a boring chore if you let it be one make it easy they are children so manage your expectations accordingly instead of cleaning the entire bedroom we start by just making the bed and putting some books and toys away you want to keep it simple and be specific give them attainable goals and follow up with compliments the combination of these two types of positive reinforcement helps to create long-term habits and that’s what you want focus on one thing at a time and remember to have them doing an age-appropriate cleaning job.

Set the example by cleaning with your children trust me your kids would rather have you participating in the cleaning than standing there watching them they’ll mimic your mood your mindset and your actions so join in it’s also important that you commit to living a cleaner lifestyle yourself you lead by example so if you want them to make their beds you better be making your own give rewards and recognition and by rewards I don’t mean money a reward can be a family game night movie night or even just another hour on the Xbox and by recognition I do need recognition the first thing anybody wants is a little recognition of a job well done so make sure that’s the first thing the children hear and finally adapt there are no real rules to how you get your kids to clean because every child and each family is so unique so you’re going to have to learn to adapt and be creative with your approaches it just matters that you start doing it and just concentrate on making cleaning a routine part of normal life like brushing your teeth and not a chore like doing your taxes.

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