How to Fold Laundry

How to Fold Laundry

How to Fold Laundry? I’ve put together my top four favorite folding tips for you and some of our other readers and you’ll know why momentarily these are items that you probably have to fold every time you do laundry and I’ll show you the old way of doing them and then the new way of doing them item number one our stockings, here’s some types of mine that I had bundled up in my drawer usually the way I fold them is well I actually don’t fold them I just can I throw them in the drawer. Anyway ladies here’s what I’ve learned a great quick easy way to fold your stockings in your tights so take them make sure they’re nice and flat like this fold the top over in half so you’ve got that extra fold of material then you want to lay them down flat fold them over smooth them out fold them in half fold them again and then you can finally roll them until you’ve come to the very end at which point you’ll take that folded over part and flip it over the entire little roll of stockings and look how beautifully that wasn’t good look how beautifully this turned out perfect.

The next thing I’ll show you how to fold your socks properly these socks are all folded up nice and new it’s also a really cute way to fold your socks because if you look at it from the bottom it smiles so the old way of folding socks which I always used to do is like this so let me show you the nicer way to do it I’ve kind of taken a page out of the military’s book here I’m certainly not in the military but I like a good trick when I see one so lay the socks flat together one right on top of the other and you can fold them in half to save time the people in the military roll them right from the toe and then from there I’m just going to start rolling so just roll them up until you have them a nice little roll like this and take the outer sock flip it up over the inner sock like this and now you’ve contained the top of the sock the roll of a sock.

The next thing I’ll show you how to do is how to fold a t-shirt the way is to fold t-shirts before I learn this really freaking awesome trick was to do one of these you know and it kind of ever it works takes a long timeish not bad then I learned the ways of the Japanese and found out how to be a t-shirt folding ninja so let me show you this cool Japanese way to fold your t-shirt first and foremost get it on a smooth surface it’s not going to work if it’s on a bumpy surface then lay out your t-shirt nice and flat like what I’ve done here on the t-shirt find the shoulder line and you have to draw up an imaginary line down from your shoulder to the bottom of the t-shirt then we have point one point two and point three so top middle bottom what you’re going to do is take your left hand or the hand closest to the top of the t-shirt and pinch point one then you’re going to take your right hand and pinch point to the point right in the middle of the t-shirt so I’ll have a nice straight line here then I’m going to take point one and fold over point two like this and grab point three so point two is staying exactly where it was at point one and three are now joined then I’ll pull my right arm through and shake it out so now my t-shirt actually looks like this so in effect it’s been folded I’ll lay it out flat again and fold it over once more and now with little effort I have a beautifully folded t-shirt thank you our Japanese friends for good quality cars sushi and this t-shirt folding technique.

And finally we will tackle folding the fitted sheet probably the most ridiculous thing on the planet you’ll ever have to fold the way I used to fold it was by just rolling it up into a gross clump sticking it in the closet and forgetting about it so I’ll show you the right way to fold this not necessarily quick or easy it does take a little bit of practice but once you know how to do it you’ll be oh so grateful typically you would do this on a higher surface like a bed or a table a flat surface is absolutely critical the other thing I’ll point out is that I actually am using a king-size sheet in most of the other videos I’ve seen on YouTube everybody’s using doubles or Queens which makes the job look super easy and you can sort of do it on your arms we’ve got the elastic apart facing down and I’ve got the corners all spread let’s name the corners to make things simple quarter one quarter to quarter three quarter four corners one and two are going to be at the top and the lengthwise edge should be at the left of the right the first thing I’m going to do is find the corners or the points in the sheets you know which ones I’m talking about the ones that you have to get around your mattress there’s . and there’s point two so I’m going to make the meet up in the middle and I’m going to fold point two over point one just like that keeping the corners together and tuck in your last two key parts together as well now it’s going to look twisted when I put it down but we’re doing the right thing so don’t worry then I’m going to move down to the bottom and do the exact same thing down corner four down tuck them in and as you can see there’s lots of excess sheets because these are kings so make sure that you just get all of those excess pieces of linen tucked in together now I’m going to take corners one and two and corners three and four and I’m going to match them up again just like that so I’ve got all four corners hinging on that side but I’m going to fold in threes so we’ll fold the bottom edge up first and then flip the top edge over then we’ll fold it over again and threes and there you have it a perfectly folded fitted sheet.

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