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How to Descale a Kettle

How to Descale a Kettle? lime scale at the bottom of your kettle grows and kettle actually uses more energy to boil water when you have lime scale on the element the element has to work harder to blow your water and then you can end up burning out your element. if you’re boiling your water efficiently you’re saving electricity which is great on the pocketbook. The first thing you’ll need of course is your dirty kettle, second thing we need is a little bit of baking soda this is an option and obviously widen it quite a lot third thing that we’ll need and vinegar my fave depending on how severe the lime scale buildup is in your kettle.

I’ll give you a couple of pointers as to what you can do to take a very dirty kettle very clean or how to take you somewhat during a kettle – very clean this will have to you know if your kettle is really really dirty you can put the vinegar in and let it soak for an hour. What the vinegar will do is heat up the army break down the lime scale and the steam caused from boiling will also help clean off the rest of the counter and I would suggest to this about once every six months just to keep everything nice and clean. I’m gonna pour it down the sink and in fact if you want to you could pour about a cup of baking soda down the drain and then dump this vinegar down the drain and I would clean out your drain.

In the event that it wasn’t perfectly clean what you could do is take a cloth again it’s just a little bit wet and dip it into the baking so we’re just the time and then you can clean the limescale still remaining with the baking soda inside the kettle and that will help scrape off any extra lime scale that’s left behind rinse it out a couple more times you might want to boil it through once more. I hope this is solve your kettle issue.

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