How to De-Scale Taps and Plugholes

How to De-Scale Taps and Plugholes

How to De-Scale Taps and Plugholes: Though there are many chemical products out there, I’ve found that many promise the Earth but fail to deliver. Moreover, you cannot use most of them on gold-plated taps.

I find the best and safest way is to spray a half vinegar/water solution around the plughole and taps, and then leave them for about 10 minutes before wiping with a soft, dry cloth.

If they are really bad, soak a couple of rags in the above solution and then drape one around the taps and stuff the other into the plughole while making sure the surround is covered. Leave the rags on overnight, and then wipe the taps and plughole dry with a soft cloth.

Be careful with plated taps! If left on too long, acid may discolor or even lift off the plating, so always try some on a small ‘test’ area first before you continue coating the rest.

Though not great at de-scaling, try gently rubbing a pea-sized drop of white-toothpaste into your taps (not brass or gold) with a soft cloth to bring back the shine.

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