How to Cut Your Cleaning Time, Simple Ways to Get Motivated to Clean

How to Cut Your Cleaning Time

How to Cut Your Cleaning Time: Let’s face it, life is busy. And anytime we can spend not cleaning, in my opinion, is pretty valuable time. So this week, I’m going to show you five ways that you can cut your cleaning time. Little cheats and tricks that’ll help you shave minutes off your cleaning, so you can have more time to yourself during the day. Let’s get started. So here’s an easy way for you to never have to clean the bottom of your oven again. All you need to get is this. It’s an oven liner. It’s sits either at the very bottom of your oven or on the bottom rack, depending on what oven you have, and that’ll all be outlined in the instruction manual for your oven liner. You can get them online. You can buy them in home stores. The point is anything that bakes and bubbles over, falls on to this. It’s not sticky. You take it out, you rinse it in the sink, you put it back, boom. You’ll never clean the bottom of your oven again.

One thing that I don’t like doing after cooking is scrubbing hardcore messes on my dishes. So what I do, as soon as I finish making a meal, I take everything out of the cooking vessel and I plate it. I mean seriously, no scrubbing, just wiping. When it comes to cleaning, half of it has to do with the products and tools that you’re using, and the other half of it has to do with techniques. Something that I want to talk about, which saves so much time, is what I call, “The S Pattern.” And I think a lot of you guys have heard me talk about it before, and I’m going to demonstrate to you why it is so good and saves so much time. Typically, when we think about cleaning, we think about doing this. This circular, buffing motion. It’s great for cars but really, everything else in the world should be cleaned using the S pattern, and here’s why. When you use this circular, buffing pattern, here’s your clean area, you clean it, you catch some dirty stuff, you come back over, now you’re re-dirtying that surface. The other thing too is a dirty cloth will leave streaks. So a great way to combat that is to use the S pattern. It’s a simple, zigzag or S-shaped motion. You start at the top, you work your way to the bottom, you’ll never have to retrace your steps. Cleaning is so much easier.

On the topic of using great cleaning techniques, another one that I have sworn by, since I actually started cleaning, is always cleaning from top to bottom, left to right. And here’s why it makes so much sense. Before I understood how to properly clean, I was sort of the Tasmanian Devil, running from here to there, cleaning over here, cleaning this, seeing any shiny thing and just cleaning that. It was so inefficient. I wasted time. I missed areas, and I was out of breath. So ultimately, if you’re cleaning from the top to the bottom, working your way from the left to the right, you will never miss a spot. You’ll be so much more efficient, and I can assure you, try it once and you’ll see just how much time you save. If you don’t like vacuuming or dusting or sneezing in your house all day, I have a really easy way to cut down on all of that. And all you have to do is take your shoes off when you get in the door. But you know, comic relief. We’re talking about cleaning here. The important thing is to remember, your shoes is track in of all the dirt in your home. So if you leave them at the front door, you are way ahead of the game. If you’re going to someone’s house and shoes are an integral part of your outfit and they have issues of policy, why don’t you bring two pairs of shoes? An outdoor pair and an indoor pair. Then you can totally rock your outfit. No guilt. And if you do like wearing shoes in your house, same thing. Get yourself a nice pair of indoor shoes, feel great in those and leave your outdoor shoes at the door.

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Why clean once a week when you can keep your home clean throughout the week!