Clean Your Smelly Dishwasher

How to Clean Your Smelly Dishwasher

How to Clean Your Smelly Dishwasher? Dishwashers are awesome and quite possibly the most overlooked appliance in your kitchen when it comes to cleaning let’s face it no one thinks about the dishwasher you wipe out your fridge when there’s a spill you set your oven to self clean and then there’s the dishwasher.

I’ve had my dishwasher for about years now and I’ve noticed over the past little while my glasses are coming out really cloudy and there’s kind of a funky smell coming from the machine, it’s not an uncommon problem and most likely stems from a buildup inside your machine some dishwashers feature stainless steel innards and most of them actually feature plastic innards and plastic is porous like your skin like growth so it absorbs dirt mildew and odors that’s why you have your problem and that’s why we can fix it you’re only going to need baking soda vinegar and a dishwasher

The first thing we’re going to do is take a minute and clean the filter at the bottom of the dishwasher simply unscrew the waste filter and remove it and the filter tray all you have to do is wash the filter and the filter tray under warm water or you can soak the two of them in warm soapy water for about minutes don’t use an abrasive scrub brush remember these things are pretty delicate and you don’t want to ruin the filter now we’ve replaced the filter it’s time to deodorize this first we’re going to take some white vinegar a measuring cup and pour out one cup of white vinegar so we’ve taken a cup of white vinegar and we’re going to pour it in the bottom of the empty dishwasher next select the deep cleaning cycle on your dishwasher to start the show so that’s it the vinegar will break down that nasty build-up and deodorize the inside of the machine for even more deodorizing  grab some baking soda I’m going to cup of it at the bottom of the dishwasher leave it overnight the baking soda will completely deodorize your dishwasher and then in the morning run an empty cycle you’ll be so amazed at how fresh and clean your dishwasher smells.

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