How to Clean Your Shower Head

How to Clean Your Shower Head

How to Clean Your Shower Head? I have a great tip I can share with you and it’ll be done in a jiffy my shower head very very crusty all of that discoloration there’s brown and there’s white is limescale and discoloration from water and use over time there’s a really easy way to fix this and it doesn’t involve you running out to your nearest home-improvement store and buying a new shower head.

All you need three things a plastic bag I’m using a zippered bag a hair elastic and some white vinegar instead of using anything harsh like some television commercials will show you all you need to do to descale your shower head and have it run like you’re at a five-star hotel it is to pour some vinegar into your zippered bag I’m not measuring it but I’m going to say let’s just fill half the bag with vinegar and you then just take your bag and immerse your shower head like so and then you just stand here for hours overnight holding it no I’m just kidding I’ve actually taken the showerhead off of its hook and I’m going to leave this in my tub overnight.

If you have the ability to remove your showerhead if yours is on a hose like mine do it this way if not I would recommend using an actual rubber band because I can’t wrap this a third time but you really want to make sure that the vinegar is secured and covering the entire showerhead reminds me of want to used to bring home a little fish from the pet store who is the kid anyway leave this for about hours so overnight and then when you wake up the next morning just dump the bat it’s obviously not gonna hurt your dreams it’ll actually help them and run the water for a minute or two and you will notice that your showerhead is going to run beautifully because all of that limescale and other crusty build-up will be gone that is how to clean your showerhead without having to buy a new one.

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