How to Clean Your Reusable Bags

How to Clean Your Reusable Bags

How to Clean Your Reusable Bags? We love reusable bags have you noticed they’re everywhere think of your reusable bags like undergarments they need to be cleaned they carry around lots of dirt and bacteria and they can eventually contaminate your food I guess if you’re carrying your food around in your undergarments just take a minute to think about how freakin dirty these reusable bags actually get you bring home your mood your cheese your produce your eggs week after week they keep going in the bags coming out of the bag in the bags out of the bags and it goes on like that studies have actually shown that there Phin moles yeast and bacteria found in these bags and if you’re carrying meat around you might also be carrying a coli or Salmonella.

There’s a stat out that says only few actually wash their reusable bags but I’m sure we’re not much better do you know what not watching your bag leads to a hot cheese to food poisoning you ever had food poisoning you know what happens to the old body when you get food poisoning but so enough of the paranoid shock value here are a couple things you can do to keep your bags clean and bacteria free number one color code your bags get separate bags for meat poultry fish dairy produce and prepare foods that will help prevent cross-contamination number two place all raw foods inside a small plastic bag before placing them into your tote bag that will help prevent any leaking or cross-contamination during transport number great try not to leave those bags in your trunk for too long a study was done that gauged bacterial growth in reusable bags that are left in trunks and here’s what happened over a span of two hours the bacteria counts on those bags increased tenfold to number four store your bags in a clean and dry place.

If you’re curious as to why refer to point number three number five clean your bags I’ll show you how to do it really quickly and easily and this will not only get rid of all that bacteria but it will also prolong your bag life and I don’t know about your grocery store but mine are charging me a buck every time I want a bag for starters there are two general categories of bags nylons and totes and recycled materials these can either be laminated or non laminated fabric and nylon totes are easy you throw them in the wash with your jeans or your towels you let the machine and the detergent do all the work they’ll come out clean stain-free and smelling great and of course bacteria free.

Now if your bags are made out of recycled plastic fill your sink with hot water add teaspoons of dishwashing liquid one cup of hydrogen peroxide and let everything soak for minutes the dishwashing liquid will remove dirt and smells and the hydrogen peroxide will take care of all of that bacteria and any stubborn stains when your minutes is up drain the sink and rinse those bags out under some cold water wring them out well and then hang them up to dry they dry pretty quickly actually I’ll use reusable bags too and you know what after learning this information I realized I could even clean mine a little bit more than I usually do so if you like this information don’t forget to share it with other people because I bet you they’re not part of the percent.

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