How to Clean Your Pillows

How to Clean Your Pillows

How to Clean Your Pillows? Does the funkiness of your pillow keep you up at night stick around and I’ll show you how to test your pillow to find out if it’s time to replace it and if it’s not I’ll teach you the proper way to clean it. Our pillows are veritable sponges when you rest your head on it at night it’s collecting dust mold bacteria allergens dead skin cells in fact I read a statistic that says your pillow doubles in weight over a span of time just because it’s absorbing so much from us there’s a quick little test that you can do to determine if it is indeed time to replace your pillows here I have three regular pillows to need to go and one is brand new.

I’ll show you the test we’ll figure out which is which pillow number one hello number two everything whoa someone took their vitamins this morning all right that’s it if you fold the pillow over and it won’t fold back in half just like pillows one and two you got to get rid of them if your pillows springs to life when you pulls it over it means it’s in good shape it’s recommended to wash your pillows three times a year but you also need to replace your pillow once every couple of years they do have a life cycle so you have to know when to let go the other thing you need to take into consideration is what is your pillow made out of you alright check this fabric care label this one says is % polyester now you can watch polyester fill pillows and feather pillows the exact same way if it’s a memory foam pillow or a silk pillow they have to be washed separately the first thing to consider is what kind of detergent you are using you want to use a gentle detergent and ideally you can use something that is scent free reason being you’re resting your head on this pillow if it has a strong scent you’ll leave that in and it can get a little bit overwhelming.

The next thing you want to do when you’re putting it into your washing machine is to press out as much air as you possibly can so you literally want to press that pillow down and then stick it into your washing machine now if you have a top-load washing machine you’ll see that there’s an agitator in the middle that sort of pipe that goes around and around and that helps spin your laundry in the event that you have a top-load washing machine what you want to do is put two pillows in at a time that way there’s not one pillow in there taking up space and it’ll sound like someone’s getting beat up and your washing machine fits a lot of thing so now you have your two pillows in your top load washing machine or you’ve got one pillow or two pillows in your front load washing machine front loads don’t have an agitator so it doesn’t make a difference anyway once you’ve run through a full cycle on your wash what you’ll do is go and you should use warm water by the way what you’ll do is you’ll run through a second spin cycle that will help get out any excess moisture remember you want to get as much moisture out of these pillows so that you reduce any mold growth afterwards.

Once you’ve pulled those pillows out of the washing machine and you’re ready to put them in the dryer you want to get two tennis balls and to start white songs what you’ll do is you’ll take a tennis ball and you’ll put it into the sock and you’ll tie it off and the reason you want to do this is because the tennis balls will help beat out any extra moisture in the drawing and why are we paying them in stocks you might ask well if you’ve never smelled a tennis ball they stink a and B they have that crazy neon green dye and I’m sure you would freak out if you pulled out your pillow and it turned me on green so throw these in the dryer throw your pillows in the dryer the tennis balls will help in the drying process and you’ll run that cycle through once you’ll pull the pillows out you’ll take a deep inhale like this face directly into the pillow now you might think that’s a little Mary Katherine Gallagher but it’s not what you’re doing is trying to sense if there’s any moisture deep inside the pillow left if there is put it back in the dryer you want to get all of that moisture out once your pillow is nice and dry it’s good to go for another few months you might be wondering what he’s studying do I use on the dryer you want to use a low heat setting nothing too too hot remember low heat long cycles two cycles tennis balls you’re good to go a couple other things to keep in mind if your pillow is somewhat smelly you can throw half a cup of baking soda into the wash cycle that should help just with your regular detergent and if you’re pillow smells musty moldy or mildew E you can throw in a cup of vinegar to that same wash cycle.

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