How to Clean Your Hair Brush

How to Clean Your Hair Brush

How to Clean Your Hair Brush? Hairbrushes if you’re anything like me you’ve been collecting them for the last years and you have tons of them you have one for any section of your hair at any given length I’ve used my brushes for years and admittedly I haven’t really thought about cleaning them however since so many of you have asked about how to clean your hair brushes it prompted me to do a little bit of research and now I kind of feel ashame that I haven’t cleaned mine but I’m going to clean mine today with you and show you the proper way to do it.

Hair brushes are like sponges they Harbor a whole bunch of nasty stuff aside from hair dust oil hair product dandruff dirt odors and this is the part that really got me each time you brush your hair with a dirty hair brush you’re essentially redepositing all of that crud back into your hair it sounds gross because it is the pros recommend to clean your brushes weekly but if that’s too much of a stretch for you even once a month would be great I’ll cover a few different types of brushes but without further ado let’s get to cleaning them here’s what you’ll need a pen pick or a rat tail comb a pair of scissors cleaning toothbrush a teaspoon of baking soda and a teaspoon of shampoo or vegetable soap take the pen pick or rat tail end of your comb and start loosening the hair from the bottom of the brush working your way up to the top.

Once you’ve loosened the hair take the scissors and snip it down the center this is going to make pulling the hair out a lot easier grab clumps of the hair and start tossing them away if you have a round brush do this on one half of the brush then roll it over degrees and repeat there are few options you can use for cleaning solutions you can simply add tea tree oil to water and use this as a solution or you can make a more cleansing solution using a cup of water a teaspoon of shampoo and a teaspoon of baking soda swish this together in a small bowl and apply to the bristles on the base brushing gently and thoroughly with the cleaning toothbrush then give the brush a quick rinse under cool water and leave flat bristles down to dry now.

If you have a wooden base brush you’ll have to take a bit of a different route because you can’t get them too wet once you’ve picked out the hair then you can use that solution of tea tree oil and water and brush the bristles and then lightly mist water to rinse the tea tree oil off and wipe dry using the cloth now that you know how to clean your hair brushes you have no excuses so go and clean your hair brushes you will notice such a big difference the next time you brush or style your hair.

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Why clean once a week when you can keep your home clean throughout the week!