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How to Clean Your Glass Stovetop

How to Clean Your Glass Stovetop?  I’m going to give you some facts and tips and then we’re going to clean this up not only does the dirty stove look bad but it also reduces the functionality of a cooktop secondly if you have anything on the cooktop it can promote scratching leads to pitting pitting leaves to cracking cracking leads to expensive stove top replacements a glass cooktop like any glass service is designed to look glassy glossy and shiny you should be able to see a reflection in it anything like this just looks awful and if someone comes into your kitchen doesn’t matter how clean it is this will make it look filthy.

The first thing we’ll do is remove all of this debris from the cooktop now I’m waiting until it’s cool because obviously I don’t want to burn myself I’ll get as much off as I possibly can just by hand with a paper towel and then we’re going to actually treat it check it out I’ve removed as much debris as I could from the stove top with a paper towel before I attempt cleaning it with this trick so here’s what we’ll need a microfiber cloth which we’ll use at the end a sponge I’m only going to be using the soft side some leather gloves cause we’re dealing with hot water couple of rags a bowl for the hot water some dishwashing liquid and some baking soda.

Well let’s get started got my gloves on then I’m going to take my dish rags put them into the bowl of hot water and soap and let them soak I’ll take my baking soda and I’m going to sprinkle it on to the stovetop quite liberally now that we have our baking soda all over the stovetop I’m going to take my rag wring them out about halfway and layer them right on top of the stovetop and now we let the cloth the water the dish soap and the baking soda do all the work for us so minutes is up now if your cooktop is really bad consider leaving it for – minutes as long as you can what I’m going to do is just remove these two just to show you what it looks like and then I’m actually going to use the cloth to remove any of the remaining residue but you’ll see it’s all been loosened up starting at the top and working my way to the bottom.

I’m going to start wiping in an S pattern now we’re going to use the soft side of the sponge to wipe up the stovetop and get rid of any of that excess moisture and debris I’ll just take a buffing cloth microfiber whatever you have and just shine up the stovetop a really great way to maintain your cooktop is to clean it after each use that means as soon as you finish cooking let the cooktop cool down and then get out a cloth or a soft sponge a little bit of soapy water and wipe it down and if you encounter something that’s really nasty or grimy you can pick up a tool like this it’s called the scraper way better than using a razor blade because it actually won’t scratch your cooktop and all you need to do use it on a degree angle put some water on your hook top gently scrape off whatever you see and you’re good to go.

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