How to Clean Your Garbage Can

How to Clean Your Garbage Can

How to Clean Your Garbage Can: Is it a trashcan or is it a garbage can I don’t know but whatever it is I know that it smells. and a lot of you guys have requested for me to do a article teaching you how to clean your smelly garbage can where I come from we call it a garbage can so this week I’m going to show you not only how to clean your indoor garbage cans and clean them and get rid of their disgusting odors but I’ll also show you how to clean the ones that live outdoors too before we get to trash talking. Kick things off by emptying your garbage obviously you want it to be nice and clear for you to get to work and once that’s done you can take an all-purpose cleaner and here I’m just using warm water and a tablespoon of dish soap and spring it around the exterior of the garbage can that can sort of do its thing it’s going to get rid of any build-up that is sort of fallen when things have been loosely tossed into the trash then I’ll move to the interior.

I’m going to spray that down as well with the same mixture and to get rid of the odors and to scratch off some of that really cruddy garbagey stuff I’m going to toss in about half a cup of baking soda and just let that do its thing the baking soda is designed to remove any of the build-up but the key part here is the baking soda also helps deodorize and anything that can neutralize garbage odors that is perfectly welcome in my house make sure you spray the interior really well you want it dripping basically the exterior of course you can get started on by just using an S pattern and wiping it down the inside of the garbage can you want that to sit for about to minutes reason being the baking soda really needs time to do its work then take a good quality sponge but one that you’re not going to be too sad to part with because I can assure you you’re probably going to toss this one afterward and start scrubbing your garbage can from the top working your way down to the bottom I’m going to make sure that I’m also getting the lid of my garbage can as well making sure that you get all of that crud in there rinsing your sponge is needed and of course ensuring that you don’t fall into the bottom of your which can now it’s time to rinse out the suds ms so depending on the size of your garbage can you can either do this in your kitchen sink.

Obviously you will clean your sink after or you can do it outside where you have a garden hose then you want to make sure that you dry it really really well now if you have a metal or a stainless steel garbage can like I do you’ll want to make sure that the exterior looks nice and shiny so if it needs a second go around with a microfiber cloth and some all-purpose cleaner definitely go for it a shiny garbage can is a clean garbage can when you actually are ready to put the bag back before you do so crumble up a few pieces of newspaper and pop that at the bottom of the garbage can the reason you want to do that is because newspaper not only will help to keep odors at bay but it will also absorb those classy garbage drippings and that can be tossed and replaced and that’s a much easier way to keep your garbage can odor free and grime free for longer speaking of which you want to clean your garbage can at least twice a year I recommend doing it fall and spring that way you don’t have to do it in the heat of the summer where your garbage can reeks and in the middle of winter when you’re freezing your buns off trying to rinse out a garbage can when you’re cleaning your outdoor garbage containers obviously the best time to do this is right after garbage day you are going to make up a solution in a spray bottle of equal parts dish soap and white vinegar this is a really powerful cleaner it can degrease it can deodorize and trust me your container is going to need it take it to an area that you have a lot of free space to work in and obviously the fact that you’re in open air is great because this mixture does smell a little bit and you’re going to do a -phase spray and the reason we do this is because we’re going to give the product the opportunity to really work.

Then we’re going to hit it again with more product and then we’re going to wait and we’re going to hit it again with more product and we’re going to wait then we’re going to scrub you’re going to see that the product really helps break down that grease and grime makes it so much easier to clean which means less elbow grease for you so mix up that solution spray your entire garbage can outside inside top to bottom wait five minutes then come back do it all over again wait five minutes come back do it once more and after five minutes you’re going to fill a bucket with some hot soapy water and you’ll just start to scrub now it does require some elbow grease but the fact that we spent that minutes pre-treating is really going to reduce the amount of scrub time you have once you’re done scrubbing and again don’t skimp here this is you know an important job you’re going to give the garbage can a really good rinse out with a hose when that’s done put it in a sunny area and let it dry I recommend doing this twice a year again fall and spring are a perfect time garbage cans are kind of like toilets they have a pretty thankless job and they get thrown a lot of crap it’s really important that we take good care of them because a smelly garbage can is a huge turnoff and well to turn off for us but it really attracts the wrong kind of things if you know what I’m talking about so make sure that you give your garbage can a little bit of TLC trust me it goes a long way you will feel so much cleaner and better for the fact that you have a clean garbage receptacle.

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