Natural Ways to Clean and Protect Cutting Boards, How to Clean Your Cutting Board, Natural Ways to Clean and Protect Cutting Boards

How to Clean Your Cutting Board

How to Clean Your Cutting Board? Wooden cutting boards they’re slick durable and can really sexify kitchen they say yeah I can cook how you doing they also get dirty and spotty and you’re probably watching this because you know that you need to clean yours so unlike plastic cutting boards wood cutting boards cannot be put in the dishwasher and do require some special attention some people really love their wooden cutting boards I actually know people that have been Harriton there and I’ve also had to hear the Associated stories just a couple of quick tips about these boards before we get into the cleaning routine wood cutting boards are great for most fruits vegetables breads and cheeses but super soft cheese like three raw meat poultry and fish they should be cut on plastic boards only so I have these flexible ones and they actually come with like little pictures of what you should be cutting on there and I also avoid cutting beets or berries on the wood board or any fruits and vegetables that need colors it just creates more work for you.

So again I would recommend these guys also don’t submerge your board fully in water and never put it in a dishwasher because water can work the wood okay let’s cut the small talk and get to business there are three key parts to maintaining your wood cutting board part one cleaning make sure you clean your board after each time you use it just use a clean cloth dipped in a bit of soapy water and wipe the board in the direction of the grain then quickly rinse the board with hot water and Pat it with a dry part of the cloth to remove that extra moisture once it’s clean leave it in an upright position to allow it to dry properly part two is disinfecting remember my friends cleaning distance two different things if you feel your board needs a good disinfecting session maybe once a week is best here’s what you can try sprinkle a tablespoon of coarse salt over your cutting board now using a lemon cut in half and a little bit of elbow grease start to scrub the board for a few minutes as you scrub squeeze the juice out of the lemon the acid in that lemon will help disinfect the board and the salt acts as an abrasive agent to get rid of any leftover food or sinks let this sit dampen for about five minutes or so after scrubbing then rinse it with hot water and dry it with a paper towel or clean block and store it in the upright position.

And finally part three is seasoning okay this doesn’t mean that you break out the Misses – or Molly mcbutter and sprinkle it on the board the term seasoning in this case essentially refers to conditioning and moisturizing what similar to what you would do to your hair you want to prevent moisture loss drying cracking and splitting freaking shampoo commercial so hair conditioning is not your answer here but mineral oil or specialty board seasoning oil is I found this at a big-box store very easy to come across anyway mineral oil is synthetic and it won’t go rancid which means doesn’t go smelly and yucky the way of vegetable oil would so the way to do it is like this warm the oil before spreading it onto your board so put it in a microwave safe Bowl heat it up for about seconds then use a paper towel dip it in the oil and rub it onto your board following the grain of the wood now we don’t want the board to be dripping in oil but you don’t want to skimp on the oil either apply the oil evenly until the wood stops absorbing oil once you get to that point use a fresh paper towel to remove all remaining surface oil allow the board to dry overnight before using it again you can season your board about once a month it’s fair to say that this little slab of wood does require some extra attention every now and then.

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