How to Clean Your Blinds, Windows and Blinds

How to Clean Your Blinds

How to Clean Your Blinds: When it comes to cleaning slotted blinds vertical or horizontal the first involves a simple use of a cloth some dish liquid water a bucket and your hands now the second involves taking the blinds down putting them in your bathtub scrubbing them drawing them and then putting the blinds back up to me one measure seems reasonable and the other let’s say extreme I’ve never had anything so nasty on my blinds that it required me to remove them from the windowsill and actually clean them so with that in mind let me show you the first method how to clean your blinds using a few simple tools I should mention that this method works wonderfully on aluminum plastic or wood blinds however I wouldn’t recommend it for fabric blinds which actually do need to be taken down perhaps even unstrung and bathed in warm not hot soapy water rinsed well and left flat to dry first thing we’ll do is get as much dust off the blind as we can using a duster or better yet a vacuum for horizontal blinds work top to bottom and for vertical blinds work left to right.

If you’re using a vacuum select a brush attachment and if you’re going to dust by hand you can choose one of several dusting tools including a proper blind duster like this one a simple microfiber cloth or even an old sports sock turned inside out and worn on your hand as a soft puppet then you can do a puppet show after I find feather dusters throw too much dust around so I avoid them all together even though they do make you look like a sexy French maid now for the actual washing part add three drops of dish liquid into a bowl or bucket and fill with warm water take a microfiber cloth and dunk it into the mixture ring well to the point of the cloth being damp dry now twist the blind slat so that they lie completely flat take your cloth and starting from the top for vertical or left for horizontal pinch the cloth around each blind slat and wipe away dirt and dust by pulling the cloth to the other end of the slat rinse your cloth as you go and you’ll be surprised and a little disgusted about how dirty your cloth is going to get if you have heavy staining on the blinds like grease dead bug residue dog slobber or nicotine you can add a bit of baking soda to the wash like say a tablespoon and that should help break down the scummy buildup if you have vertical blinds the steps are the same except you’ll have to start at the top of this slide and work your way down to the bottom you might need a stepladder to do this to once your blinds are clean you can maintain them by dusting on a regular basis using a simple duster or your vacuum just turn the blinds upright and work from the top and make your way to the bottom that’s all there is to it and the best part is you don’t have to fiddle with your blinds by taking them down waiting for them to dry and then putting them back up and a quick note on cleaning fabric blinds I don’t have any to demonstrate on but what I do recommend is to vacuum them regularly to avoid build-up and discoloration.

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