How to Clean Your BBQ

How to Clean Your BBQ

How to Clean Your BBQ? Winters here in the great in UAE and because we only get like two months of winter here we have to cram as much fun as we can into that short period of time whether you’re grilling up a couple of burgers or your house barbecue party to end all barbecue parties having a clean grill not only looks good but actually makes your food taste better stick around and I’ll show you how to quickly and easily keep your barbecue in tip-top shape I love barbecues the taste the smell the anticipation of a perfectly grilled steak but I also have a fear of barbecues when I was younger I turned one on and left the lid closed and then when I opened it got a fire bomb in my face it was a good time chefs be warned you can have the best food the best ingredients and the best recipe but if your grill is dirty your food might taste terrible as with anything the better you care for your barbecue the longer it will last you.

Here’s what you’re going to need to clean your barbecue a non scratch scouring pad this is really important so that you can actually do the cleaning without scratching any plastic or stainless steel a barbecue brush in this case we have a silver bristled barbecue brush because our grills are made with stainless steel rubber gloves just in case you want to protect your hand for the grease your stuff dish liquid anytime you see a request for using warm soapy water all you need is dish liquid a bucket for holding your soapy water non-toxic degreaser you need to be able to degrease but because you’re outdoors and around food you’ll want to find something that isn’t toxic stainless steel cleaner and we’re using this of course because the exterior of the barbecue is stainless steel rags we’re not using microfiber cloths because it’s very difficult to remove grease from microfiber cloths so if you have any old t-shirts or old towels this is the time to use them.

And finally there’s the griller this is an awesome barbecue tool it’s safe for essentially all barbecue services including porcelain that means you’re not going to scratch your barbecue but you’ll effectively remove all of the crap that you find on your grill this is great to use for heavy-duty cleaning the outside of your barbecue is akin to your kitchen appliances it’s got plastic stainless steel some rubber so we’re going to clean it the exact same way we would clean any of our kitchen appliances fill your bucket halfway with warm water Don your rubber gloves and on a teaspoon of dish liquid to the bucket using the soft side of the sponge apply the soapy water to the exterior this is easy rinse off and buff dry with a soft cloth if you notice there is greasy buildup on the exterior choose a non-toxic degreaser and apply that to dirty areas using the same process to clean the stainless steel spray on a gentle stainless steel cleaner and wipe in the direction of the green knobs and handles also known as points of contact think about how dirty these little things get use a degreaser to clean these let it sit for to minutes and then wipe it off while we go through the exterior of the barbecue and that calls for a drink so this is the core of the barbecue the place where the steak meets the sizzle.

There are different kinds of grills that your barbecue can have stainless steel cast iron or porcelain enamel coated similar to your oil pans in your oven if the grill is cast-iron you can use a wire BBQ brush look for the gold colored bristles those are safe for cast iron if it is stainless steel or porcelain coated use a stainless steel wire brush instead those are silver colored bristles to get your grill really clean first start by removing the grates from the barbecue and then take a non-scratching sponge look for the blue on blue and use your warm soapy water to give them a really good clean you can also pick up the griller it’s the tool I was mentioning earlier on it’s amazing at cleaning up greasy grimy barbecue grades.

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