How to Clean Wood and Laminate Cabinets

How to Clean Wood and Laminate Cabinets

How to Clean Wood and Laminate Cabinets: Before we get-going, let’s empty our kitchen cabinets and go through and throw away anything we don’t need – like that two year old bottle of chili sauce you once tried that gave you stomach cramps all day!

Done? OK, roll up your sleeves, guys! Let’s tackle those cupboards!

Let’s start with the insides. Vacuum them out completely of cobwebs and dust using your nifty hose attachments.

Then, mix a gallon of warm water and ¼ cup o f white-vinegar in a bucket and wipe down the shelves with a soft cloth soaked in this solution. Remember to clean the cloth each time it gets dirty.

Remove any sticky stuff by adding baking soda to the cloth and then scrubbing it in. Use an old soda-dipped toothbrush to tackle stubborn stains.

Alternatively, for these “problem” areas you could squirt on a little of that homemade multipurpose cleaner we made back in the chapter on How to Clean the Outside of the Stove the Eco-Friendly Way. Told you that would come in handy – and we’re about to use it again on the outsides!

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Why clean once a week when you can keep your home clean throughout the week!