Clean Wax Spills

How to Clean Wax Spills

How do we get wax stains out of the carpet don’t hyperventilate this is a tough challenge but it’s easy to take care of as long as you have the right tools a little bit of patience and some skill now white wax is not a problem it’s not going to stain your carpet however if a colored candle drips on your carpet you have to be a little bit more careful, reason being the dye from the candle can actually seep into your carpet and as I’ve said before and I’ll say again heat sets stains if wax spills on something else. Let’s say a candlestick or a dish you need to consider the durability of the item if it’s metal or glass it can probably stand heat or cold if it’s something more delicate or if the surface will get ruined easily you do not want to use heat on it so you would want to use the Ice Cube method as well.

It’s important to let the wax cool before you try to remove it we’ll use just a plain brown paper bag don’t use anything with writing on it or else you will for sure trains for the writing onto your carpet and finally we’ll need it iron and the iron should be on a low setting the next thing I’ll do is apply the paper bag right over the wax stain and start to iron it I’m keeping the iron moving because I do not want to burn the carpet if you leave the iron sitting you will for sure ever in the carpet and the candle wax will be the least of your worries this will take some patience.

Wax will start to come off onto the paper bag heats up and the oil from the wax is being absorbed onto the paper so I’ll just move to another section of the paper bag and continue to apply the heat in a quick rotating motion and I’ll just repeat this process until that candle wax is go not bad I’m just going to give it a couple more passes but the wax is pretty much gone now what I just did is safe for most fabrics you will want to test it on a small inconspicuous area first if stains have set in you would want to try a stain remover product or call the professional.

I’ll show you the ice method with this Swingline stapler got my little baggie with ice cubes have orange candle wax on my red Swingline stapler and I’ll just apply the ice directly to the wax when it’s frozen you’ll notice that the blacks will start to turn a little bit white it’s freezing okay the wax is pretty cold so I’ll just start working it away with the credit card you can see the chunks just fall right off so I just get the final bit off there and then you’ll see there’s a little bit of a waxy residue all you need to do is take a cotton cloth with a little bit of soapy water wipe it down a couple of times and it will be like the wax never fell on the stapler in the first place.

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