How to Clean Walls

How to Clean Walls without taking the paint off

How to Clean Walls without taking the paint off: We’ve already covered how to clean off grease in the section on “How to Clean Stove Splatters from a Wall” under the kitchen chapter. This works fine for most cases, but what if your room is painted in cheap non-washable emulsion? Even the lightest scrub with the mildest soap solution will lift this off in the blink of an eye. So what’s the answer?

You could repaint the entire wall with a semi-gloss emulsion, but before you break out the brushes and sugar-soap, try using a Magic eraser instead!

Simply, apply to your stain and ‘abracadabra’, the wall comes up like – err – Magic! If any smears are leftover, simply wipe them off with a clean just-damp cloth.

If you’re feeling a little braver, try wiping over your walls with a very mild laundry soap solution, and for really stubborn spots, try removing them by rubbing at them with a dry sponge. The sponge acts like a fine sandpaper and can remove these in no time.

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