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How to Clean-up After a Party

How to Clean-up After a Party: Knowing how to clean up after a party is the best way to hide it from your parents trust me the best way to avoid a lengthy cleanup at the end of your party is to prepare before the party even starts make sure you have posters readily available and designate an area to keep food and drink keep microfiber cloths or paper towels handy to clean up spills as they happen don’t let them sink in it’s also important to recruit some people to help you clean if you can a few extra hands makes the cleanup substantially easier than going it alone.

Have some food containers at the ready or ask your guests to bring containers so you can easily hand out leftovers at the end of the night I don’t know about you but I always have too much food leftover be sure to leave a garbage can and maybe even a recycling bin in an obvious place to encourage your guests to actually use them and remember to close the door to room that you want to keep off-limits what your guests are over you may also wish to move any valuable items to a safe place that avoids breaking anything precious when people are inebriated finally give your bathroom a quick tidy and make sure you have enough fresh towels ample hand soap and toilet paper you can even put a sign on the door to ensure clarity on what’s behind it now that the party is over but before you start the cleanup go ahead and clear your kitchen counters and it’s a good idea to have an empty dishwasher to remember most of the party debris will end up being dishes and glasses so make sure you have room for them in your kitchen alright let’s get to it the three waves method of cleaning. I find to be the most efficient method for cleaning virtually any room in a timely manner simply pick a starting point somewhere in your room I usually pick the door that way I never forget then work your way around the room clockwise and each time you do you’ll be performing a specific set of tasks we do this three times and that’s why we call it the three wave system for the first wave we’re bringing in a laundry basket of garbage bag and I’m using a trade to collect all the plates glasses mugs bowls serving dishes and cutlery to bring everything back to the kitchen and for those of you guys who are wondering the tray is from Ikea.

As you come across garbage it goes into the garbage bag and as you come across things that belong in another room they can go into the laundry basket you’ll do that stuff later recyclable can also be brought to the kitchen to be emptied out and then you can just put them wherever you keep the rest of your recyclables for wave you’re going to need a microfiber cloth and some all-purpose cleaner so I bet you know where this one’s headed but during this wave you’re also going to be straightening and organizing you got to get that room looking back to normal go back to your starting point and spot clean all the areas that were affected by the party so coverings on furniture spilled on tables you get the idea you can also tackle any stains that you come across while you’re doing this when you encounter something that needs to be straightened well straighten it rooms look much cleaner when things like pills and frames are lined up nicely or my rule of thumb line them up parallel or perpendicular to a straight edge the final wave is the easiest way it’s just vacuuming if you have carpet or quick mopping if you have hardwood or laminate floors you can also use the vacuum on the couch or chairs as needed God knows your upholstery might need a vacuum there you have it pretty quick and painless right remember you can use this wave cleaning system for cleaning any room in your house so if your party happens to spill over into other rooms you can just repeat the waves for each room one final tip it’s really a good idea to clean up the party as soon as it’s over I know it’s not the most popular idea but let me tell you the smell of stale food and alcohol alcohol especially is horrible so even if you’re not going to do all of your cleaning after the party do at least remove the food and drink from the party room.

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