Clean the Living room Furniture

How to Clean the Living room Furniture

How to Clean the Living room Furniture: Your guests have gone, and you’ve put all the stuff away that you had temporarily stashed in the garage. Then you take a closer look at the room – Yuck! Ashamed, you decide to do a deep clean.

How to Clean Your Couch, Cushions and the Comfy Chair!

If there’s a ‘W’ on the care tag, you can clean your furniture following these steps. If not, play it safe and consult a professional cleaner.

Add two capfuls of dishwasher soap (natural-pH) to a bucket of cool water. Dip in a sponge, wring it out well, then rub a thin layer of the solution onto each cushion, starting with the dirtiest side first.

Next, place the cushions against one another or a wall to dry. Put clean towels or kitchen paper between them where they touch, leaving as much air as possible to circulate.

Take apart your sofa or comfy-chair and sponge with the dishwasher solution. Make sure the sponge is wrung out completely so to be as dry as possible before use. To prevent mildew, let all the parts air-dry completely before reassembling.

How to Clean Leather Furniture

Let’s make some instant leather-cleaner!

Vigorously shake a sealed, old jam jar filled with 1/3 white-vinegar to 2/3 cheap olive oil.

Next, rub this natural remedy onto your sofa, chairs or anything else made of leather like shoes, boots, jackets – and even handbags! You only need a drop as a little goes a long way. Once applied, buff it up with a cloth.

The vinegar cleans while the oil softens and nourishes the leather, and this wonderful stuff also helps blend in cracks and blemishes in the hide.

Every so often, give the jar a good shake to re-emulsify the contents. Remember to put the lid back on before you do though!

How to Clean Vinyl Upholstery

The best way to do this is by applying a little baking soda on a cloth to the surface, followed by a light washing with liquid dish soap. Never use oil as it will harden the vinyl.

How to Get Your Couch Free of Pet Smells

Now this is a tough one – so please don’t shoot me if you still get a faint whiff of Tiddles or Rover on your furniture after trying my suggestions. Nature has taken millions of years to perfect indelible territorial odors for your cats and dogs so, needless to say, we have a battle on our hands!

Firstly, take your furniture apart and air the parts outside for as long as you can. Give all the cushions and covers a good whack with a carpet beater or stick to beat out any salts left over from the urine.

Next, sprinkle the items with liberal amounts of baking soda, and leave overnight. In the morning, vacuum the heck out of them – Twice!

Alternatively, try enzyme-busting pet odor cleaners like Nature’s Miracle or Get Serious. If you do, consider renting an extractor or wet-vac from a local hardware store to thoroughly rinse out the chemicals with water.

It should be noted that before you use any of these tips, you should try a test patch first in a hidden part of the item because the last thing you want to do is to ruin the fabric.

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