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How to Clean the Kitchen Floor

How to Clean the Kitchen Floor:  Before you do anything else, try cleaning any odd spots with a damp paper towel, but if your floor looks like a soccer team stomped through it, then you’ve no choice but to grab that mop and bucket!

The Proper Way to Mop a Floor

First, choose the right mop for your type of floor.

If you have a tiled floor or one with a lot of “texturing,” choose the classic string or rag mop. If you have a smooth floor, like vinyl or laminate, a sponge mop works best.

Next, sweep the floor, making sure to get the dirt from corners and under appliances.

Go over it again with a vacuum cleaner using the hose-attachments.

Now fill your bucket or sink with hot water and whatever cleaning solution is appropriate for your floor – more on that later!

Some people prefer to use a sink instead of a bucket, as it’s a breeze to change the dirty water.

A word of caution – don’t be tempted to make your cleaning solution any stronger than recommended. You won’t have a cleaner floor, just one that’s covered in residue.

When most of the loose dirt and dust is up, dip your mop in the solution and wring it out with a wringer or by hand. Don’t make the mop too wet as the dripping can damage a floor or produce extended drying times.

Now mop the floor from the top of the room to the bottom, so that you are always standing on a dry part. This stops any dirt on your shoe-soles getting wet and depositing itself on the newly washed areas.

Work in straight lines if you are using a sponge mop. For string or rag mops, work in a figure of eight shape. When you encounter tough or sticky spots, rub quickly and press down with your mop onto the floor to scrub the area.

Rinse the mop frequently in another sink, or a different bucket. Change the mopping water as soon as it cools or becomes dirty to avoid painting dirt back onto your floor. For hard to reach corners and edges, wash with a paper towel or cleaning rag.

Vinyl and Ceramic Tiles

Before you use detergents on vinyl floors, try mopping with warm water only. Often soap is unnecessary, and the initial wash helps loosen dirt.

If the dirt remains, mop using dishwasher soap in warm water. Don’t mix too much in (about ¼ cup) and so only light bubbles should form.

For stubborn stains, scrub-clean the area using a nylon brush or pad with a mixture of water and bicarbonate of soda.

Laminate Wood

Before washing, check to see if the floor is waxed or sealed by rubbing your finger along it.

If you leave a smudge DO NOT MOP! If you don’t leave a mark, then the floor is sealed and safe to clean.

Unlike other floors, avoid soaking with water. Excess moisture can work into the seams, making them swell and this can cause damage to the flooring. Therefore, always wring out your mop completely, before applying to your floor. The mop needs to be slightly damp, but not wet!

Use the dishwasher solution outlined earlier for the cleaning fluid or, alternatively, use one cup of white vinegar per gallon of water in the bucket.


These floors are waxed – DON’T LET A MOP ANYWHERE NEAR THEM!

Instead, you must use a specialist hardwood cleaner and mix it according to instructions. Then work around the room by lightly spraying the floor whilst scrubbing away at it with a soft cloth.

The cleaner can be applied directly to the cloth but NEVER pour it directly onto the floor!

At last everything – and I mean everything – is cleaned in the kitchen – apart from the windows, oh, and the doors, but more on them later. It’s time for our next challenge – the living room!

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