How to Clean the Bottom of a Pot or Pan

How to Clean the Bottom of a Pot or Pan

How to Clean the Bottom of a Pot or Pan: Cooking is great screwing up a dish not so good burning food at the bottom of your pan disaster, an effective way to clean the inside of a burnt pot or pan using dish liquid and baking soda it’s a great trick and as you can see it keeps my pans looking like I never ever burns food in them however the other side of the pan that’s a different story altogether the bottoms of my pans are covered in scorch marks because clearly I’m a great cook so today we’re gonna clean them and we’re gonna try four different methods to clean them using ketchup bar keeper’s friend cream of tartar and baking soda we’ll be cleaning four pans all of which could do with a good cleaning two of them are stainless steel and the other two are cast iron the sponges that we’ll be using for all of the tests are specifically non-scratch sponges we’ll kick things off with the ketchup or catsup depending where on the world you are I read that it’s the acid in the ketchup which aids in the cleaning process so we’ll see how that one works next we’ll apply some bar keeper’s friend which has been around since it’s a powdered cleanser and it essentially specializes in cleaning scorch marks okay that’s not entirely true but it’s really good stuff now we’ll use some cream of tartar I’m interested in seeing how this stuff does on these pan bottoms and we’ll wrap it up with some baking soda.

Let that sit for a minute and while that’s happening I did want to mention that I read on the internet that there are more than a few people who suggest using oven cleaner to tackle these scorch marks I chose to exclude this method because it can actually void the warranty on your pan and I’m not down with that especially when you’re spending good money on your pants the ketchup didn’t do much I’m pretty sure I applied it correctly and scrubbed it enough to establish that it would take me a long time to clean the whole plan using ketchup on a scale from to ketchup gets it it was very impressive how well bar keeper’s friend did it cleaned everything away including the stuff that ketchup left behind and it did it really quickly bar keeper’s friend gets a very impressive cream of tartar did a boring average job it did a better job shining the stainless steel pan than actually cleaning away the scorch marks so it’s brighter but it still has all those stains cream of tartar gets a boring kind of like a bad first date finally the baking soda of course it did a really great job on built a stainless steel and cast iron pans baking soda gets a really great.

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