How to Clean Steel Cabinets

How to Clean Steel Cabinets

How to Clean Steel Cabinets: Are you looking to clean your heavy-duty steel storage cabinets or your vintage metal kitchen cabinets? Metal makes your cabinets strong, durable and long-lasting. But some cleaning products and tools can be harsh on metal. It’s always best to start with the most gentle cleaning method and work up to tougher tools if necessary.

As with a steel cabinet, wipe the surface “with the grain” using a damp cloth soaked in water and a little dishwasher fluid.

For heavy grease stains, spray on some of that homemade all-purpose cleaner you made earlier and gently rub away at the area.

Alternatively, apply a little rubbing alcohol on a soft cloth and work the metal with it until the grease disappears.

As with all metal surfaces, avoid using abrasive cleaners or pads and wipe dry immediately after cleaning to avoid spotting.

You’ve now done the cabinets, the worktop, the sink, the stove, freezer – and even the microwave! All of them look sparkling and as clean as a whistle – but where did all that yucky dirt and grease go? Do let us know if you have any tips on How to Clean Steel Cabinets.

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