How to clean silk sheets

How to clean silk sheets

How to clean silk sheets?  I will tell you the proper way to wash silk sheets you don’t want to throw these sheets in the wash with towels or linens clothing socks underwear nothing these have to be washed by themselves.

So let’s talk about the fabric care label that silk has put onto the sheets which you’ll see right here they recommend hand washing or machine washing in cold water use a gentle detergent if you can find scent free detergent or detergent designed for babies that would be the best choice silk will also absorb odors so as far as I’m concerned a scent free detergent is definitely the way to go so that your sleep isn’t interrupted.

Bleach will completely ruin your sheets so make sure that bleach stays far far away from your silk bedding the second thing you’ll want to do is find the gentlest setting on your washing machine to wash the sheets with if you choose to do it in the machine to dry the sheets tumble dry on a low heat setting.

Finally if you choose to iron your sheets you would want to iron either on this silk setting or the low heat setting and my suggestion is to turn the sheets inside out so that you have the matte side facing you I wouldn’t want to iron on the glossy side of the sheets this is the way they recommend for you to wash and dry your sheets to prolong your life your silk sheets can last a long time and they’re a terrific investment all you have to do is make sure that you’re caring for them properly and they’ll last you a lifetime.

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