How to Clean Really Greasy Cabinets

How to Clean Really Greasy Cabinets

For a quick clean, simply wipe over the cabinets with the ¼-cup vinegar solution to a gallon of warm water in a bucket and wipe down the shelves with a soft cloth soaked in this solution. Remember to clean the cloth each time it gets dirty.

For yucky cabinets, grab your trusty bottle of homemade all-purpose cleaner and then spray them down. Leave for a couple of minutes and then wipe the surface. Apply some pressure and work in small circles, moving from the top down. Open the cupboard door and wipe the edges. When finished, start on the next cabinet.

Make sure to wring out and rinse your cloth frequently. Apply extra cleaning solution and pressure to particularly tough areas. Once done, wipe them over with a dry lint-free cloth and then allow the cabinets to air-off completely with the doors open.

When they are bone dry, rub on a light coat of furniture polish or olive oil with a soft cloth to get them shining.

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