5 Ways To Clean Makeup Brushes

How to Clean Makeup Brushes

Do your makeup brushes have an offensive amount of buildup on them?  we all know makeup brush cleansers can cost a small fortune I’ll provide you with a great recipe for a homemade brush cleanser that you can use on a regular basis not only is maintenance important to extend the life of your makeup brush investments because they are expensive but it also does improve performance if your makeup brush has caked on makeup it won’t work as well as a clean one would and also it’s trapping old bacteria and dirt from your skin in the brush meaning you’re putting that right back on your face when you reapply your makeup so keeping those brushes clean means a longer lasting investment and a clean healthy complexion.

You can purchase a brush cleanser there in and around to bucks or you can make your own at home it does take a little bit of work but it saves money and it works just as well alright let’s go through how to make a brush cleanser with items you already have at home what you’ll need is a cup of distilled water a tablespoon of shampoo I don’t have it on hand but baby shampoo is the best thing to you so this is just a moisturizing shampoo you want something that’s gentle you have a quarter cup of rubbing alcohol I have rubbing alcohol here I don’t really think the difference is too great between one or the other what you’re looking for is disinfecting and that’s exactly what we’ll get and finally we can put in a half tablespoon of leaving conditioner that’s entirely optional.

But it’s great to soften the bristles of the brush we’ll combine all of the ingredients into a bowl and then I’ll add it to my spray bottle now we have our weekly brush cleanser we can take a couple of the brushes and try this out now when you’re cleaning a brush the important thing to keep in mind is that you don’t want to get anything else what except for the bristles will spray the tip of the brush with our weekly brush cleanser and then we’ll just wipe it off onto a tissue here I’m using a gentle circular motion on a clean part of the tissue to work out all of that makeup and you’ll see shortly this brush is really dirty so I’m spraying it again I’m repeating that same circular motion onto a clean part of the tissue until I get all of the makeup out of that brush and you want to do this gently so that you’re not ruining the brush once you’re done lay it flat to dry it overnight fresh and clean duty.

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