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How to Clean Lampshades

How to Clean Lampshades:

How to Clean Glass, Plastic and Paper Shades

Glass and plastic lampshades clean up easily by sponging them over in a sink filled with warm water and a little dishwasher liquid. Simply avoid using abrasives and abrasive pads.

A paper shade only needs dusting off occasionally; while a straw shade should be vacuumed weekly.

How to Clean Fabric, Silk and Velvet Shades

For Fabric lampshades, carefully vacuum any dust off first, then with a damp sponge, lightly brush the remaining debris away. Don’t let the fabric get too wet in case it shrinks or rusts the metal shade-frame.

If the shade is very dirty, get it dry-cleaned.

Velvet or silk shades always need professional cleaning, but in the case of silk, you can delay the dirt forming by regular vacuuming. Do let us know if you have more tips on How to Clean Lampshades.

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